Lawsuit: White Boys ‘Dragged’ Black Girl By Rope Around Her Neck

By Olivia Messer, -

By Olivia Messer for The Daily Beast - The family of a black sixth grader in Texas is suing her school after white students allegedly wrapped a rope around her neck and pulled her to the ground. [...]

Black Lives Matter Activists March For Safety Of Women

By Alex Garland, -

By Alex Garland for The Dignity Virus - Weeks after a lawsuit was filed against Jared Williams, a Tacoma police officer, by 17 year old Monique Tillman, approximately 100 activists marched in [...]

Why Are Black Girls And Women Dying In Police Custody?

By Tasasha Henderson, -

By Tasasha Henderson for Truthout - Gynna McMillen was brought into the Lincoln Village Regional Juvenile Detention Center in Elizabethtown, Kentucky, on January 10, 2016, after police were [...]

Black Girls And The Police State Menace

By Sikivu Hutchinson, -

By Sikivu Hutchinson for The Feminist Wire - Whenever there’s a black girl on a school campus wielding a dangerous weapon like a cell phone, white macho can always be counted on to come to [...]

Rage Is Our Rightful Response to Anti-Black Racism

By Kirsten West Savali, -

By Kirsten West Savali in The Root - Yes, it was painful to watch the boys restrained in handcuffs. One boy even appeared to be bleeding from his mouth, though whatever happened to cause that [...]