The Black Alliance For Peace Calls For People(s)-Centered Human Rights

By the Black Alliance for Peace. -

The global economic crisis of neoliberal capitalism—exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic—has exposed the ethical, moral and political contradictions of the liberal interpretation of human rights [...]

Health Justice And Black Liberation: Dána-Ain Davis

By Gwendolyn Wallace and Roberto Sirvent, Black Agenda Report. -

It is not only that state violence is a public health issue, but what I want people to understand is that state violence bleeds into particular public health issues—specifically, reproductive [...]

Health Justice And Black Liberation: Shay-Akil McLean

By Gwendolyn Wallace and Roberto Sirvent, Black Agenda Report. -

The way that people treat each other has biological consequences, meaning that our relationships to one another, institutions, and resources are directly linked to quality of life, life [...]

Health Justice And Black Liberation: Ugo Edu

By Gwendolyn Wallace and Roberto Sirvent, Black Agenda Report. -

I remember always wanting to be a doctor—perhaps because my parents are Nigerian—and having a genuine concern with people’s health. I soon became disillusioned with treatment and the competition [...]

Movement For Black Lives’ Statement On Killing Of Breonna Taylor

By Movement for Black Lives. -

“The Movement for Black Lives and our millions of supporters around the globe stand with the family and community of Breonna Taylor in light of today’s toothless and gravely insufficient [...]

On Contact: New Black Militancy

On the show this week, Chris Hedges discusses the rise of the new black militancy with film director and producer Mobolaji Olambiwonnu. "The police murders of young black men and women in the [...]

Black August And Black Liberation: ‘Study, Fast, Train, Fight.’

By BAP National Coordinating Committee, Black Agenda Report. -

Each August since 1979, the surviving sectors of the Black Liberation Movement, our supporters, and the new entrants into the ranks of resistors to the ongoing oppression against the [...]

50 Years Of Struggle From Black August To Black Lives Matter

This Aug. 7 marks the 50th anniversary of the heroic attempt by Jonathan Jackson, younger brother of George Jackson, to free three Black revolutionaries from the clutches of the California state [...]

Push Back: US Police State Faces Revolt

Dr. Gerald Horne on the George Floyd protests, the black freedom struggle, and Trump’s expansion of the US police state at home and around the world. Historian and author Gerald Horne [...]

Black Alliance For Peace African Liberation Day 2020 Statement

By the Black Alliance for Peace. -

Fifty-seven years since the founding of African Liberation Day (ALD), the pressing need for African unity is more apparent than ever. The Black Alliance for Peace (BAP) recognizes the crucial [...]

Study, Fast, Train, Fight: The Roots Of Black August

By Joe Tache, -

Exactly 400 years ago, in August 1619, enslaved Africans touched foot in the first permanent English settlement in what is now the United States for the first time. The centuries since have seen [...]

Black Liberation Activist Freed After 40 Years In Prison

By Staff, -

After 40 years in prison, Mike Africa Sr., of the Black liberation group, Move, has been released on parole. Africa is the second member of the group to be released. His wife, Debbie Sims Africa, [...]

Black Land Initiative: Take Back The Land

By Movement for Black Lives, -

By Movement for Black Lives. On Juneteenth 2017 (Monday, June 19th) Black people across the country will be taking back land and reclaiming space, from vacant lots to empty school buildings. We [...]

It’s Time To Stop Calling Black Protesters ‘Unpatriotic’

By Julia Craven, -

By Julia Craven for The Huffington Post - CHARLOTTE, N.C. ― A cell phone video filmed here last week captured two veterans facing off as police in riot gear chased protesters off the interstate, [...]

Coalition Declares Black Self-Determination Back On The Agenda

By Glen Ford, -

By Glen Ford for the Black Agenda Report - After two generations of “Black social disintegration, economic retrogression and political confusion” ushered in through the collaboration of the Black [...]

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