The Fight For Black Power Requires The Immediate Release Of All Political Prisoners!

By the Black Is Back Coalition. -

The month of August is recognized as “Black August” by many militants associated with the prison movement. This is due in part to the impact of George Jackson, imprisoned revolutionary and Field [...]

The System Was Built To Break Black People…

By Rodney Foxworth, Medium. -

While we like to believe that the system is merely “broken,” now is the time we finally acknowledge that the system was purposely designed to break black people. But we refuse to break, and [...]

1970s History Can Guide New Black Mayors Toward a Radical City

By Nishani Frazier, -

By Nishani Frazier for Truthout. On November 7, Detroit's Coleman Young II may join the new pantheon of elected or soon-to-be elected Black mayors. This group's uniqueness lies not in their race [...]

Karen Spellman And The SNCC Legacy Project –Black Power Chronicle Part II

By Dr. Marsha Cole, -

By Dr. Marsha Cole for Black Agenda Report - Part I of the Karen Spellman interview discussed the need for those involved in the Black Power Movement to tell their stories in their own voices. [...]

50 Years Later We Still Must Reject US Wars

By Ajamu Baraka, -

By Ajamu Baraka for In his speech at Riverside Church, King not only criticized U.S. actions in Vietnam but identified the cultural pathologies at the center of U.S. society. “I [...]

Black Power Is Not The Same As White Supremacy

By Sterling Wilmer, -

By Sterling Wilmer for The University Star - Some may view the black-and-proud movement as supremacist, but historically the only racial empowerment camp with a history of demeaning the existence [...]

Australian Indigenous Resistance Rooted In US Radicalism Of 60s

By Jon Piccini, -

By Jon Piccini for Imperial & Global Forum - Recently, an upturn in indigenous struggles in Australia have seen the legacies of colonialism and genocide forced back onto the national radar. [...]

The Legacy And Current Growth Of Black Cooperatives

By Beverly Bell and Natalie Miller, -

By Beverly Bell and Natalie Miller for Other Worlds - For National Co-op Month, we present a three-part series from an interview with Jessica Gordon Nembhard. Read the first piece, Black [...]

Nat’l Black United Front: Next Steps After ‘Justice Or Else’

By Staff, -

By Staff for National Black United Front - National Black United Front's Kujichagulia (Self-Determination) Action Plan October 10, 2015 will mark the 20th anniversary of the historic Million [...]

Insurrectional Black Power: CLR James On Race And Class

By Lawrence Ware and Paul Buhle, -

By Lawrence Ware and Paul Buhle for Counter Punch - During the exhilarating and dangerous late 1960s and early 1970s, no world historical figure of older generations had a more militant defense [...]

Until We Win: Black Labor & Liberation In The Disposable Era

By Kali Akuno, -

By Kali Akuno in Counterpunch - What the combination of theses efforts will amount to is the creation of Black Autonomous Zones. These Autonomous Zones must serve as centers for collective [...]

1,000 Black Activists, Artists, & Scholars Demand Justice For Palestine

By Various, -

By Various in Ebony - Over 1,000 Black activists, artists, scholars, students, and organizations have launched a statement expressing their solidarity and commitment to ensuring justice for [...]

1,000+ Black Activists, Scholars & Artists Support Palestinians

By Various, -

By Various in Mondoweiss - Over 1,000 Black activists, artists, scholars, students, and organizations have released a statement reaffirming their “solidarity with the Palestinian struggle and [...]

The Betrayal By The Black Elite With Chris Hedges & Cornel West

Interview with Cornel West by Chris Hedges, -

Interview with Cornel West by Chris Hedges in The Real News - History is so unpredictable. No one has control over that. It looks that way, the evidence tilts in that direction, but you just [...]

Chris Hedges Interviews Cornel West On Black Prophetic Tradition

Interview with Cornel West by Chris Hedges, -

Interview with Cornel West by Chris Hedges - Absolutely. Look at somebody like Ella Baker, who deserves so much more attention. She spends so much of her years, her later years, with the Puerto [...]

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