Chicago-Based Assata’s Daughters Announces Food Justice Through Gardening Project

By Imani Jackson, -

Assata’s Daughters is a Chicago-based collective that embraces a Black radical perspective to serve their Washington Park community. One of their newest programs is a food justice-oriented [...]

Black Parkland Students Air Concerns About Campus Police

By ​Emily Wells, -

As Truthdig columnist Sonali Kolhatkar points out in her column this week, black Americans are eight times more likely to be killed by firearms than those who are white, and they are [...]

Making Your Own Education When College Isn’t An Option

By Staff, -

By Staff of Black Youth Project - At this point in human history, college has become damn-near mandatory for acquiring employment and, dare I say, being validated as a functional adult in our [...]

Black Youth Have 70% More Debt Than Their White Peers

By Staff, -

By Staff of Take Part - Black students have 68.2 percent more student loan debt than white students when they graduate from college, according to a recent study by researchers at Dartmouth [...]

Schools, Black Children, And Corporal Punishment

By Dick Startz, -

By Dick Startz for The Huffington Post - As we recently celebrated Dr. King’s life, it is worth examining the difference in how our schools discipline black and white children. In public schools [...]

Charlene Carruthers Talks Black Youth Project 100

By Angelique Smith, -

By Angelique Smith for Windy City Times - "If those of us who are the most marginalized are safer and more protected, it will improve the lives of everybody."—Charlene Carruthers, national [...]

Ten Rules For Black Youth In Police Encounters

By Marian Wright Edelman, -

By Marian Wright Edelman in Children's Defense Fund - A few weeks after Tamir’s death she stood at a Washington, D.C. rally with Trayvon Martin’s mother and the families of Eric Garner, Michael [...]