Iraq Insists On Blackwater Case Transfer To International Courts

By Sputnik News. -

Baghdad - Iraqi legislators intend to transfer to international courts and the UN the case of four former Blackwater contractors convicted of killing innocent Iraqi civilians and recently [...]

Erik Prince, Blackwater Ready To Be Trump’s Private Oil Army

By Anuradha Mittal, -

By Anuradha Mittal for the Oakland Institute. Oakland, CA—The Return of Erik Prince: Trump’s Knight in America’s New Crusade? a new brief from the Oakland Institute, exposes the comeback of the [...]

Blackwater Founder Free, Former Employees Go Down On Murder Charges

By Jeremy Scahill, -

A federal jury in Washington, D.C., returned guilty verdicts against four Blackwater operatives charged with killing more than a dozen Iraqi civilians and wounding scores of others in Baghdad in [...]

Jury Convicts Blackwater Guards In 2007 Killing Of Iraqi Civilians

By Dan Roberts, -

Now, after a 10-week trial and 28 days of deliberation, a jury in Washington has found three of the men – Paul Slough, Evan Liberty and Dustin Heard – guilty of a total of 13 charges of voluntary [...]

Before Shooting Of Civilians In Iraq, A Warning On Blackwater

By James Risen, -

Just weeks before Blackwater guards fatally shot 17 civilians at Baghdad’s Nisour Square in 2007, the State Department began investigating the security contractor’s operations in Iraq. But the [...]

Blackwater Guards Face Trial In Iraq Shootings

By AP, -

Four former Blackwater Worldwide security guards went on trial Wednesday in the killings of 14 Iraqis and the wounding of at least 18 others. Over the next few days, a jury of 12 residents [...]

Why Is Blackwater Helping To Train Brazil’s World Cup Security?

By Jules Boykoff and Dave Zirin, -

In news as shocking as it was unreported in the United States, the Brazilian press revealed earlier this week that Academi—the rebranded private militia once known as Blackwater—has been [...]

Are Blackwater Mercenaries Being Deployed in Ukraine?

By Damien Gayle, -

Speculation was growing last night that American mercenaries had been deployed to Donetsk after videos emerged of unidentified armed men in the streets of the eastern Ukrainian city. At least two [...]