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Pipeline Fighter Denied Bail After Blocking MVP Construction For 3 Days

Roanoke County, VA — Early Saturday morning, a pipeline fighter using the name "Bramble" locked herself to a buried lockbox at a Mountain Valley Pipeline (MVP) worksite in Roanoke County. She prevented pipeline workers from clearing vegetation on the top of Poor Mountain for three days; on Monday, she was extracted from her blockade and arrested. As of Tuesday afternoon, she is still being held without bail. "I'm fighting for a world where we can all be free," Bramble stated. On day 2 of her blockade, she wrote, "Workers came by my spot today and took away my supplies, hoping that I would leave. In the end though, they can't take away the view I have from up here.

The 2023 Gaza Freedom Flotilla And Global Movement For Palestinians

The Freedom Flotilla Coalition’s flagship vessel, The Handala, concluded the first stage of the 2023 Gaza Freedom Flotilla voyage this past week when it arrived in Oslo, Norway. According to the Coalition, The Handala has visited 12 ports in a number of European countries over the past two months carrying the Palestinian flag and raising awareness of its mission to end the illegal Israeli blockade of Gaza. On board The Handala, TRNN contributor, lawyer, and freelance journalist Dimitri Lascaris speaks about the Flotilla and the global movement for Palestinian liberation with fellow passengers Hege Bae Nyholt, a member of the Norwegian Parliament, representing The Red Party of Norway, and Aram Zaheri, Deputy Leader of the Red Party of Norway (Oslo section).

Israeli Naval ‘Piracy’ Won’t Stop Freedom Flotilla Voyage To Gaza

The Freedom Flotilla Coalition, a grassroots people-to-people solidarity movement working to end the illegal Israeli blockade of Gaza, has launched numerous Freedom Flotilla voyages since 2008. Joel Opperdoes has served as captain for multiple Flotilla voyages, including in 2012, when his vessel was descended upon and boarded by Israeli naval forces and he and his crew were detained. TRNN contributor, lawyer, and freelance journalist Dimitri Lascaris speaks with Opperdoes aboard The Handala, the flagship vessel of the 2023 Gaza Freedom Flotilla, en route to Oslo, Norway.

Biden Says There’s No Blockade; Tell That To Yemenis Who Need Medical Care

Sana’a, Yemen - Raneem Isa Muhammad Jaber dreams of swinging in a playground or participating in a popular pastime called sahlilah, in which children use cut plastic containers to skate down a hill. “I want to play all the games, but I can’t,” said the 11-year-old, who has suffered since birth from a skin condition that leaves black spots all over her body and an itchy and painful black tumor-like growth that covers her backside. “I can’t sit down, I can’t walk, and I can’t sleep.” She lives in the Yemeni port city of Al Hudaydah, which opens to the Red Sea. Her family is poor, but used to scrape together funds—often provided by local donors—to travel to India, the most affordable nearby option for medical care after years of war decimated Yemen’s health system.

Barbies Stop Work On The Mountain Valley Pipeline

Elliston, Virginia - Barbies stopped work on the Mountain Valley Pipeline! On Monday, July 24, around 20 demonstrators, many wearing bright pink and holding banners that read, "No Patriarchy, No Pipelines" and "Even Barbies Hate Pipelines" walked onto a work site beside Cove Hollow Road and Highway 460 in Elliston, VA. The protest continued today. Lisa Finn, a member of Tuesday’s group, stated: “We are so glad to be helping support frontline folks resisting the Mountain Valley Pipeline! Their fight is our fight! As a member of Third Act, we are focused on stopping new fossil fuel projects and it was so empowering to stop construction on the MVP.”

Governments Are To Blame For The Winnipeg Landfill Blockade

The City of Winnipeg is poised to secure an injunction enabling police to remove the families and loved ones of missing and murdered Indigenous women, girls, and Two-Spirit people (MMIWG2S) from their ongoing blockade of the main entrance to the city’s Brady Road landfill (contra the city’s initial claims, the side entrance to the landfill remains open, allowing the continued dumping of waste). The blockade was erected last Thursday following Premier Heather Stefanson’s announcement that the province wouldn’t fund a search of Prairie Green landfill, where the remains of Morgan Harris and Marcedes Myran—alleged to have been murdered and dumped by white supremacist serial killer Jeremy Skibicki—are presumed to be located.

Ox Sam Camp/PeeHee Mu’Huh Ordered To Leave Or Face Arrest

Orovada, Nevada — For nearly two and a half years, local Native American tribes and leaders have been trying to stop the Thacker Pass lithium project, an open-pit mine that will destroy a sacred site. But despite lawsuits, rallies, regulatory hearings, and community organizing, Lithium Nevada Corporation has now begun construction of the mine at the place Paiutes call “Peehee Mu’huh,” or rotten moon. But the construction has not gone unopposed. On May 11th, Native Americans from the Fort McDermitt Paiute-Shoshone and other regional tribes set up a tipi at Thacker Pass and began prayers directly in the path of the construction of Lithium Nevada’s water pipeline.

Activists Blockade US Nuclear Ballistic Missile Sub Base

Silverdale, Washington - Activists blockaded the entrance to the US Navy's west-coast nuclear submarine base, which is home to the largest operational concentration of deployed nuclear weapons, in a nonviolent direct action the day before Mother's Day. Eight peace activists from the Ground Zero Center for Nonviolent Action, holding banners reading “The Earth is Our Mother Treat Her With Respect”  and “Nuclear Weapons are Immoral to Use, Immoral to Have, Immoral to Make,” briefly blocked all incoming traffic at the Main Gate at Naval Base Kitsap-Bangor in Silverdale, Washington as part of a May 13th Mothers Day observance. 

Call For Solidarity From The #EkoniAci Movement

In order to enforce the moratorium on logging on their territory, Nitaskinan, members of the Atikamekw of Manawan are currently setting up a new blockade. It is located at km 16 on the road to Manawan, north of St-Michel-des-Saints. Logging companies have been informed that they will not be able to return with their machinery when the thaw occurs on May 19th. We need to be many to ensure that they respect this instruction. It is possible to come now to help set up the camp. Those who can free themselves, the most sensitive moments are likely to be from May 19 to 26. The blockade will remain in place afterwards and solidarity will still be necessary.

Dancing Revolution: ’90s Protests Used Rave Culture To Reclaim The Streets

Thousands gathered on May 16, 1998 in Birmingham’s famous Bullring district, located in the city center. They were instructed to meet by the New Street Station subway stop and make their way towards the Bullring’s roundabout. The mood soon became nothing short of intoxicating as a roaring sound system hidden inside an ordinary car blasted techno to the masses. Fire eaters, drag queens, and clowns were normal amongst a crowd of lamppost climbers and stilt-tripod walkers filling up the streets, creating a gridlock of traffic that purged vehicles from the area and prevented drivers from coming in.

Blockaders Delay Work At A Megaprison Construction Site

Comrades of Elliot Cuciurean – also known as Jellytot – blockaded one of the government’s new megaprisons on Tuesday 31 January. Jellytot has been in prison since last year for breaching an injunction against protest at the High Speed 2 (HS2) train line. In the early hours of Tuesday 31 January, protesters erected tripods to block the entrances of the megaprison construction site at Full Sutton in East Yorkshire. The government has awarded private company Kier £400m for the construction. The protesters said they were: shutting down construction as an act of solidarity with the increasing numbers of protestors being sent to prison A later update added that: Four activists occupied the bamboo tripods for over ten hours, preventing any deliveries from being made. Police forces attended the scene but failed to remove the protestors. Protestors came down from the tripods at around 4pm, after ensuring construction was stopped for the entire day. Two arrests were made and three more were charged with aggravated trespass at the site. Those arrested were released from custody in the early hours of the morning

Saudi-Led Coalition Continues Its Seven-Year Blockade Of Yemen

According to the Houthi-led government in Yemen, the Saudi Arabia-led international coalition has intensified its comprehensive land, sea and air blockade of the country, causing increased suffering of common people. The Houthis claimed that in the last few days, Saudi forces aided by the US have seized four ships carrying crucial supplies to Yemen’s Hodeidah port. Essam al-Mutawakel, spokesperson of the Yemen Petroleum Company (YPC), tweeted on Tuesday, November 15, that one such ship named Red Ruby carrying thousands of tons of petroleum was detained and stopped from reaching the Hodeidah port by Saudi and US forces despite it having all necessary clearances by the UN verification and inspection mechanism (UNIVM) based in Djibouti.

Gaza Freedom Flotilla To Sail In 2023

After a pause due to the global pandemic, the Gaza Freedom Flotilla Coalition (FFC) is set to resume its sailing to challenge the illegal, immoral and inhuman Israeli blockade of Gaza.  The last sailing of the flotilla was in 2018. The 2020 sail was postponed due to the COVID pandemic that closed many European ports. Members of the 10 national and international organization campaign coalition met in London November 4-6, 2022,  and made the decision to resume sailing in 2023.  Representatives of member campaigns from Norway, Malaysia, US, Sweden, Canada, France, New Zealand, Turkey and the International Committee for Breaking the Siege of Gaza) met in-person and by zoom.  Other members of the coalition are from South Africa and Australia.

Just Stop Oil Supporters Block London Roundabout On 13th Day Of Disruption

Supporters of Just Stop Oil have blocked a key south London roundabout today on the thirteenth day of action during October. They are demanding that the government halts all new oil and gas licences and consents. At 9am, 26 Just Stop Oil supporters established a series of roadblock on the roads adjoining St. George’s Circus in Southwark. They are sitting in the road with banners and some have glued themselves to the tarmac. Today’s actions follow twelve days of continuous disruption by supporters of Just Stop Oil in which they have experienced over 337 arrests. On Wednesday, there were 2 arrests of Just Stop Oil supporters, and 25 people from Insulate Britain were arrested. The group, which is part of the Just Stop Oil coalition, returned to the road after an absence of 13 months and established a roadblock on Parliament Square. Since the campaign began on April 1st, Just Stop Oil supporters have been arrested over 1,600 times.

Argentina And Mexico Increase Commercial Ties With Cuba

Cuba has ramped up commercial ties with Argentina and Mexico this week as it looks toward Latin America to break out of the blockade imposed by the United States. Havana is currently hosting a trade conference with Mexican businesses to attract investment and on Tuesday Argentina formalized a wide-ranging cooperation agreement to boost the agricultural sector. The Mexico-Cuba trade conference, hosted at the Hotel Nacional, concluded today with the signing of 12 investment agreements in renewable energy, textiles, food, information technology, and other areas. The conference was inaugurated by Cuba’s President Miguel Diaz-Canel, and the Mexican government’s Sub-secretary for Industry and Commerce,  Héctor Guerrero. On the opening night, Sub-Secretary Guerrero told the participants; “If in football, the guest of honor, as we say in Mexico, is the goal.
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