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Border Militarization

With The Integration Of Countries, Lies A Solution To Migration

Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador criticized U.S. legislators for refusing to approve resources for the development of Latin America and, instead, focusing on a communication campaign to blame the Mexican administration for not stopping the migratory flow to the north. From the National Palace, the President reiterated, that people have reasons to emigrate from their communities, towns and countries, essentially due to economic difficulties. In his speech, he called for the suspension of the economic and commercial blockade of Cuba and the beginning of a bilateral dialogue, the removal of Cuba from the list of terrorist countries, the abandonment of fears against the Revolution and the admission that there is no danger from Cuba  for the United States or any other country.

US Further Militarizes The Border As COVID-Era Restrictions Expire

On May 11, Title 42, a Trump-era immigration policy, expired—precipitating a surge in migrants crossing the US–Mexico border. Title 42 used the COVID-19 public health emergency as an excuse to swiftly expel migrants to Mexico. The expiration of the policy has fueled a surge in migration across the Southern border as migrants reportedly are trying to get into the US either before Title 42 restrictions expire to avoid Biden’s new immigration measures, or after, fueled by a rumor that the end of Title 42 will make immigration easier. Although Biden campaigned on being more “humane” towards migrants, the Biden administration used Title 42 liberally, expelling over two million migrants before the policy expired.

Building Autonomous Mutual Aid As The Border Continues To Militarize

In this episode, we speak with someone involved with El Comedor, an autonomous mutual aid hub and organizing center in so-called Tijuana, Mexico, which was founded by anarchists and asylum seekers in 2018. From a previous report: El Comedor is currently one of the only places, if not the only place, serving hot meals everyday in Tijuana. Though “the caravan” is out of the news, thousands still pass through Tijuana on their way north hoping to escape violence. During our discussion, we speak about autonomous, mutual aid, and anarchist projects in Tijuana, Mexico as well as the rapidly militarizing borderlands. Under Biden, the US, and by extension, the Mexican and Canadian borders have continued to crack-down on refugees.
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