The Exoneration Of Milosevic: The ICTY’s Surprise Ruling

By Andy Wilcoxson, -

By Andy Wilcoxson for Counter Punch - The International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (ICTY) in The Hague has determined that the late Serbian president Slobodan Milosevic was not [...]

The Women’s Court: A Feminist Approach To Justice

By Peace Is Loud, -

Karima Bennoune: What is critical about the Women’s Court in Sarajevo was the way it was constructed for and with the full participation of women victims themselves. Women designed the court. [...]

New Social Movements Arise In Bosnia Herzegovina

By Chiara Milan, -

What’s going on in Bosnia Herzegovina ten months after the uprising? Following the violent riots in February 2014, the citizens of Bosnia have jointly channeled their rage into horizontal and [...]

Dutch State Liable For 300 Srebrenica Massacre Deaths

By AP, -

A court on Wednesday ordered the Netherlands to compensate the families of more than 300 men turned over to Bosnian Serb forces and later killed in the Srebrenica massacre 19 years ago. In an [...]

Roots And Demands Of Protests In Bosnia And Herzegovina

By Staff, www.PopularResistance.or -

Bosnia and Herzegovina have been undergoing serious protests in recent months. Surrounding countries are concerned that the conflicts will expand into their countries. Bosnia's Prime Minister [...]

Long Suffering In Silence, Bosnians Erupt With Roar

By Mate Kapovic, -

Since the rebellion began, almost all the analysts have insisted that it had been inevitable and that they had been sure all along that something like this was bound to happen sooner or later. Of [...]

Bosnian People Voice Their Dreams In First General Assembly

By Aida Dedajic, -

“I hope that we form a TV channel, or at least a public radio station. We will gather donations to form this channel. It would be a place where the politicians would never be the main news. It [...]

Protesters, Police Clash Over Factory Closures In Bosnia

By Daria Sito-Sucic, -

The incident pointed to deepening social unease over the state of the Bosnian economy and the political inertia in the country almost two decades since the end of its 1992-95 war. Years of [...]

Protests Growing in Bosnia and Herzegovina Over Government Aid

By Staff, -

In recent days protests have been surging because the government is no longer issuing government ID numbers that allow people to get health and other services. This has resulted in the death of [...]