How One Boston Hospital Is Feeding Patients Through Its Rooftop Farm

By Lindsay Campbell, -

Carrie Golden believes the only reason she’s diabetes free is that she has access to fresh, locally grown food. A few years after the Boston resident was diagnosed with prediabetes, she was [...]

Movement To Build National Support For Green New Deal Starts In Boston, ‘City Of Revolutions’

By Zach Roberts, -

The past two years, 2017 and 2018, brought the U.S. two major youth-led movements. The first was borne out of the March for Our Lives, which saw hundreds of thousands rallying for gun violence [...]

Victory! Boston Challenges Corporate Control Of Our Food System

By Alexa Kaczmarski, -

Boston has taken a critical step forward to rebuild our broken food system and advance food justice across the city. On March 20, the city became the first on the East Coast to adopt a city-wide [...]

The Boston Ujima Project Is Working To Create Economic Equity For Artists

By Nicole Rupersburg, -

The Boston Ujima Project is a community-led organization with a mission of growing a people’s economy in Greater Boston, one that is controlled by the community with neighbors, workers, business [...]

8 Boston Jews Arrested As They Shut Down Israeli Consulate To Protest Violence On Gaza

By Yonah Lieberman, -

BOSTON, MA: This morning, on the fourth day of Passover, Boston Jewish Millennials locked themselves to the Israeli Consulate of New England and called for an end to Israeli violence against [...]

The Boston Climate Trial That Might Have Been

By Wen Stephenson, -

“THE IDEA THAT natural gas combats climate change is a sleight of hand,” writes Bill McKibben in a recent essay that pulls no punches. “No one wants to hear this,” he observes, not Republicans or [...]

Fight Supremacy Protest, Women Of Color Shine As Leaders Of Resistance

By Eddie Cepeda, -

By Eddie Cepeda for Bustle - On Saturday morning, Natalie Sanchez arrived at the Reggie Lewis Center in Boston well before counter-protesters started trickling in. The morning fog dissipated as [...]

Thousands Of Boston Counter-Protesters Swarm Right Wing Rally

By Staff, -

By Popular Resistance. Boston, MA - Today's rally, organized by the Boston Free Speech Coalition, in Boston Commons was overwhelmed by counter protesters opposed to racism and bigotry. About a [...]

Renter Nation Assemblies 2015

By Staff, -

By Staff of Homes for All - Hundreds gathered and gave direct testimony about the citywide displacement crisis. Grassroots activists also planned strategies and tactics for passing Just Cause [...]

DAPL Profiteer TD Bank Shut Down In Boston

By Steve Ahlquist, -

By Steve Ahlquist for RI Future - The FANG Collective targeted a TD Bank branch in downtown Boston early Thursday, shutting down operations there for over two hours. Two activists used bike locks [...]

Turning Moments Into A Movement: Notes From Boston

By Bryan Xavier and Abu Samra, -

By Bryan Xavier and Abu Samra for Liberation - In light of the recent murders of Black people across the country, activists and organizers in the city of Boston have renewed calls for residents [...]

Boston To Protestings Students: You’re Not Worth It

By Jennifer C. Berkshire, -

By Jennifer C. Berkshire for The Progressive - The student protest outside of Boston City Hall was winding down. Of the 1,000 students who’d walked out of their schools for the second time this [...]

How Group Of Boston Teenagers Organized Massive District-Wide Protest

By Allison Pohle, -

By Allison Pohle for Boston Globe - Hours before more than 3,500 of their peers would march out of their classrooms toward Boston Common, a small group of high schoolers was glued to a group chat [...]

Thousands Of Students Walked Out To Save Schools

By Tom Cahill, -

By Tom Cahill for US Uncut - Thousands of Boston high school students have descended onto the Boston Common and the Massachusetts State House in an unprecedented citywide walkout. Students are [...]

6 Arrested At Logan Airport In Wage Protest

By Andy Rosen, -

By Andy Rosen for Boston Globe - State Police arrested six activists Monday at Logan Airport after dozens of activists flooded into a terminal to protest the treatment of workers at the travel [...]

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