In Unprecedented Move, Former Mayor And Ex-legislator Will Be Running Mates With Lula

By Staff, -

It’s an unheard-of situation: three candidates running together for Brazil’s presidential elections. The unusual case is actually due to the peculiar scenario ahead of the elections, as the name [...]

Lula: “We’re Going To Change Brazil Starting In January”

By Leonardo Fernandes, Brasil de Fato -

Brazil’s ex-president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, who is being held at the Federal Police headquarters since April 7th, received the visit of Rui Falcão, former chair of the Workers’ Party, and [...]

Letter To The People Of Brazil

By Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, -

For two months now, I have been unjustly incarcerated without having committed any crime. For two months I have been unable to travel the country I love, bringing the message of hope of a better [...]

Brazil Has Fallen Prey To Coup Leaders And Generals

By Francesco Bilotta, -

In the Brazilian capital, one finds an atmosphere of confusion and concern. The large square housing the monumental buildings that are home to the President of the Republic, the National Congress [...]

Imperialism Had A Tough Week

By Vijay Prashad, -

Just when you think things are far too bleak, the human spirit rises to surprise you. In Brazil, the truckers went on an extended strike. They are angry about the fuel prices. It has made it [...]

Actor Danny Glover Joins Free Lula Occupiers In Brazil

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On Monday, Glover had breakfast with the family of Marielle Franco, the city-council member and LGBT activist murdered in Rio de Janeiro. During a trip to Brazil to show solidarity with popular [...]

‘Astonishing’ CIA Memo Shows Brazil’s Ex-Dictator Authorized Torture And Executions

By Tom Phillips, -

Brazil’s former dictator Ernesto Geisel personally approved the summary execution of his regime’s perceived enemies, according to a newly unearthed CIA memo that has reopened a bitter debate over [...]

Brazil: ‘Free Land Camp’ Demand Indigenous Land Demarcation

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The Free Land Camp is located in front of the Indigenous Peoples Memorial in Brazil's capital city of Brasilia. Indigenous representatives from more than 100 ethnicities are spending their second [...]

Brazil Gov’t: ‘Probable’ Police Involvement In Franco’s Murder

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Brazil's government declared Monday that human rights activist Marielle Franco was “very likely” killed by “militias,” according to Minister of Public Security Raul Jungmann. “There are basically [...]

Brazil: ‘Free Lula!’ Protests Continue In Sao Paulo, Belo Horizonte

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Demonstrators marched through the country's largest city chanting "Free Lula Now!" Demonstrators, including trade union and political party representatives, marched through Brazil's largest [...]

Worker Co-ops And Happiness

By Michaela Fisher,   -

Greeting from São Paulo, the largest city in South America! I have left Argentina behind and moved onto Brazil, but I’ve been meaning to tell the story of a cooperative that left a huge [...]

Brazil: World Social Forum Concludes In Salvador

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The thirteenth edition of the World Social Forum came to an end on Saturday (March 17), attracting more than 60,000 people to the various activities and debates held during the five-day event. [...]

Popular Fronts Foresee Events In Favor Of Lula Until May 1

Social movements call for various acts in support of the Brazilian ex-president that will be taking place throughout the country until next May 1. The Popular Brazil and People Without Fear [...]

Ex-President Lula Defies Deadline To Surrender To Brazil Police

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Brazil's embattled former President Luiz Inacio 'Lula' da Silva has defied a court order to turn himself into Curitiba police by 5 p.m. local time today to commence his 12-year jail sentence [...]

Brazil’s Supreme Court Votes To Jail Former President Lula

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The president of the Supreme Court broke what had been a tied vote, potentially ending Lula's bid for re-election and sending him to jail. Brazil's Supreme Court has voted 6-5 to deny former [...]