Extinction Rebellion Protesters Strip Off For ‘Cheeky Intervention’ In House Of Commons

By Patrick Grafton-Green, Standard.co.uk -

MPs were seen taking a glance up at the protest and Speaker John Bercow maintained that the debate on the second stage of the Brexit alternatives would proceed despite the distraction. Tory Nick [...]

Brexit Blows Up As More Than One Million Protest For People’s Vote

By Kevin Zeese, Popular Resistance -

Brexit seems to be blowing up as a deadline nears for the British exit from the EU and before another crucial week for Prime Minister Theresa May that threatens her survival in office. There are [...]

“The Resistance” And The Gilets Jaunes

By Max Parry, Off Guardian. -

In less than two months, the yellow vests (“gilets jaunes”) movement in France has reshaped the political landscape in Europe. For a seventh straight week, demonstrations continued across the [...]

2019: New Year, New Crisis

By Alan Woods, Marxist.com. -

As we step into a new year, the world is facing a decisive turning point. The crisis of capitalism is reaching a new level – one that threatens to overthrow the entire existing world order that [...]

Governments’ Failures On Climate Spur New Actions

By Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese, Popular Resistance -

There is a lot of enthusiasm for the new climate change effort in the UK, the Extinction Rebellion. Launched on October 31, the Extinction Rebellion calls for mass nonviolent, disruptive actions [...]

Almost 700,000 March To Demand ‘People’s Vote’ On Brexit Deal

By Toby Helm, Michael Savage and Eleni Courea, Theguardian.com -

The centre of London ground to a halt as an estimated 700,000 people from all over the UK marched peacefully on parliament to demand a second referendum on Brexit. It was the biggest outpouring [...]

Trumpism: Anger Going Viral

By Padraig Reidy, billmoyers.com -

By Padraig Reidy for Bill Moyers Journal. It is difficult to argue against people who are sincere but not necessarily serious, and whose aims seem to lie entirely in the gesture — the great big [...]

Europe’s Left After Brexit

By Yanis Varoufakis, www.yanisvaroufakis.eu -

By Yanis Varoufakis for Yanis Varoufakis - In the space of thirteen months two referenda shook up not only the European Union but also Europe’s Left: the Greek OXI in July 2015 and Brexit in June [...]

How Globalization Divides Us

By Kristen Steele, www.localfutures.org -

By Kristen Steele for Local Futures. United Kingdom - When I woke up on June 24th and checked the news, I cried. Along with millions of people around the world. I’m a diehard believer in [...]

From Brexit To The Future

By Staff, www.project-syndicate.org -

By Staff of Project Syndicate - NEW YORK – Digesting the full implications of the United Kingdom’s “Brexit” referendum will take Britain, Europe, and the world a long time. The most profound [...]

Brexit And The Derivatives Time Bomb

By Ellen Brown, www.ellenbrown.com -

By Ellen Brown for Web of Debt, Sovereign debt – the debt of national governments – has ballooned from $80 trillion to $100 trillion just since 2008. Squeezed governments have been driven to [...]

The Silence Of The Left: Brexit, Euro-Austerity And The TTIP

By Michael Hudson, www.counterpunch.org -

By Michael Hudson for Counterpunch. The media in the United States have treated the British vote against remaining in the European Union (EU) as if it is populist “Trumpism,” an inarticulate [...]

America Should Exit From NATO And National Security State

By Jacob G. Hornberger, www.fff.org -

By Jacob G. Hornberger for FFF - In its reporting on Brexit, the New York Times asks an interesting question: “Is the post-1945 order imposed on the world by the United States and its allies [...]

After “Brexit”: A Social-Democratic Re-Founding Of Europe?

By Sigmar Gabriel, Martin Schulz and Ingar Solty, www.socialistproject.ca -

By Sigmar Gabriel, Martin Schulz and Ingar Solty - In light of “Brexit” and within 24 hours after the publication of the final results in the British referendum on EU membership, Sigmar Gabriel, [...]

Brexit Confirms: The Center Cannot Hold

By Staff, www.telesurtv.net -

By Staff of Tele Sur - Britain is in a general state of pandemonium. The U.K. finds itself in the midst of a full-blown constitutional crisis, Prime Minister David Cameron has resigned, and both [...]

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