Protesters Shut Down North Brooklyn Pipeline

By Kevin Duggan, -

Environmentalists rallied against National Grid’s ongoing construction of a seven-mile natural gas pipeline under the streets of Williamsburg and Bushwick Saturday, with one local activist saying [...]

New Laws Require All New Roofs To Contain Solar Panels Or Green Space

By Rose Adams, -

Two laws requiring new property owners to build solar panels or green spaces on their roofs went into effect on Nov. 15 — marking a major step towards Brooklyn’s environmental sustainability, [...]

‘Decolonize This Place’ Protesters Disrupt Brooklyn Museum, Condemn ‘Imperial Plunder’

By Molly Enking, -

On a bustling spring Sunday, with the Brooklyn Botanic Garden's Cherry Blossom Festival and the Brooklyn Museum’s popular David Bowie exhibit in full swing, some 65 protesters from 20 different [...]

‘This Land Is Your Land’: Reclaiming Public Land For Communities In Brooklyn

By Staff, -

Here's the problem: Located primarily in areas of the city where low-income communities of color live today, more than a thousand vacant public lots languish behind fences, collecting garbage. [...]

Police Arrest Protesters Occupying Outside Brooklyn DA’s Home

By Christina Carrega-Woodby, Kerry Burke and Graham Rayman, -

By Christina Carrega-Woodby, Kerry Burke and Graham Rayman for Daily News - Seven people were arrested outside Brooklyn District Attorney Kenneth Thompson’s home early Wednesday during a protest [...]

Brooklyn Youth Create Jobs (And Community Roots)

By Rebecca Nathanson, -

By Rebecca Nathanson for YES! Magazine - Snow covered most of the ground at El Garden, a community garden in the north Brooklyn neighborhood of Bushwick. The exception was the area around its [...]

Brooklyn, Police Union Turns Back On Cop Who Killed Innocent Man

By Max Rivlin-Nadler, -

By Max Rivlin-Nadler for Gothamist - When NYPD Officer Peter Liang entered court this week to stand trial for killing 28-year-old Akai Gurley in November 2014, there was a noticeable absence in [...]

Activists In Bushwick Hope To Illuminate Gentrification

By NY1 News, -

By NY1 News. Activists in Bushwick have posted signs around the neighborhood as part of a campaign called "Illumination Against Gentrification." They are trying to keep longtime residents from [...]

Activists In Bushwick Hope To Illuminate Gentrification

By Staff, -

By Staff of NY1 News - Some light displays in Brooklyn are spreading awareness of gentrification instead of holiday cheer. Activists in Bushwick have posted signs around the neighborhood as part [...]

Protesters Slam Real Estate Summit At Brooklyn Museum

BY Emma Whitford, -

BY Emma Whitford for Gothamist - Hundreds of real estate developers and investors streamed into the Brooklyn Museum on Tuesday morning, past a 65-foot cloth banner proclaiming "Brooklyn Is Not [...]

Artists Battle NYPD Over Edward Snowden Memorial In Brooklyn

By Bucky Turco, -

In a statement about the project, which they have entitled, “Prison Ship Martyrs Monument 2.0,” they wrote: Fort Greene’s Prison Ship Martyrs Monument is a memorial to American POWs who lost [...]