Over 70,000 March In Brussels To Demand Green New Deal

By Common Dreams. -

With U.N. climate conference (COP26) set for next month in Glasgow, the estimated 70,000 or more people who took part in the march offered a dramatic show of force for the nation's climate [...]

Peace Activists Gather In Brussels To Say No To War – No To NATO

By Pat Elder, Worldbeyondwar.org -

The weekend of July 7th and 8th witnessed the European peace movement come together in Brussels, Belgium to send a clear message to the world community, “No to war – No to NATO!” The mass [...]

1,400 March In Protest At Trump Visit

By Alan Hope, Brusselstimes.com -

Days before the planned arrival of US president Donald Trump in Brussels, some 1,400 people took part in a march on Saturday to tell him he is not welcome. Trump will be in town to attend a Nato [...]

Here’s 5 Things You Need To Know About Attacks In Brussels

By Frank Barat, www.usuncut.com -

By Frank Barat for US Uncut - Today’s terrorist attack in Brussels is an unspeakable tragedy, and the victims should never be forgotten. However, seeking vengeance through a militarized response [...]

Movement X Flies Palestinian Flag In Brussels, Two Activists Arrested

By Staff, www.movementx.org -

By Staff of Movement X - Brussel - Movement X tried to fly the Palestinian flag during the match of Belgium and Israel this evening in Brussels. For this goal we used a remote controlled [...]

Migrants March To EU Summit On Migration

By Canape Cunytv, www.youtube.com -

Whether in Italy Germany or France, migrants face common problems. They live without freedom of movement or the permission to work with the constant threat of deportation. Despite these [...]

Military Spending, Banking, Austerity, TAFTA…Protested

The EU summit brought hundreds of protesters onto the streets of Brussels over a variety of causes – from austerity to food production and military policy. While European leaders talked about [...]