New Round Of Trump Budget Cuts Could Force More Californians Into Homelessness, Advocates Say

By David Lightman and Alexandra Yoon-Hendricks, -

The Trump administration is proposing a cut in homeless assistance funding next year, frustrating advocates who say the crisis in Sacramento and other cities is worsening. The White House budget [...]

UN’s 75th Anniversary Shadowed By Right-Wing Nationalism, Widespread Authoritarianism And Budgetary Cuts

By Thalif Deen, -

And civil society organizations (CSOs), who were mostly disappointed with the results, are now gearing themselves for two upcoming key climate summit meetings: COP25 in Santiago, Chile in [...]

Trump’s Tax Cuts, Budget And Deficits: Recession 2019?

By Jack Rasmus, -

Trump tax cuts and Trump’s budget will exacerbate U.S. budget deficits and debt and cause the central bank to raise interest rates even faster and higher. Lies and misrepresentation of facts have [...]

Prosperity Through Keystrokes: Understanding Federal Spending

By Steve Grumbine, -

By Steve Grumbine. It has long been known that our electoral system and methods of voting are corrupt, untrustworthy, and easily manipulated by less than savvy politicians, state actors, and [...]

Big Tax Cuts Will Lead To Big Federal Budget Cuts

By Sharon Parrott, -

By Sharon Parrott for CBPP - Many Republican policymakers are already talking about using the same fast-track process (“budget reconciliation”) next year to push large cuts in entitlement [...]

#TheseCutsHurt Day Of Action

By Staff, -

By Staff of Witnesses to Hunger - On October 30th, 2017, people from around the country will be speaking out to raise awareness about how proposed budget cuts will hurt their families, children, [...]

Cost Of Cuts: Arizona Tax Carve-Outs Last Year Hit $13.7B

By Jim Small and Evan Wyloge, -

By Jim Small and Evan Wyloge for Arizona Center for Investigative Reporting - PHOENIX – Teachers who marched on the Capitol this past week in support of doubling the salary boost that lawmakers [...]

Cost Of Trump’s Wall Compared To His Proposed Program Cuts

By Joe Sexton, -

By Joe Sexton for ProPublica - The fiscal 2018 price for President Trump’s border wall is in: $2.6 billion. That’s a cost to U.S. taxpayers, not a cost many people any longer think will be picked [...]

Trump Wants To Privatize Air Traffic Control

By David Shepardson, -

By David Shepardson for Reuters. WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President Donald Trump is proposing to shift oversight of the U.S. air traffic control from the federal government to an independent group, [...]

Thousands Of Puerto Rican Students Mobilize Against Budget Cuts

By Staff, -

By Staff of Tele Sur - Puerto Rico has US$70 billion in total debt, a 45 percent poverty rate and unemployment more than twice the U.S. average. Thousands of students from the University of [...]

Your Cuts Make It Impossible To Feed My Family

By Myra Young, -

By Myra Young for Talk Poverty - You don’t know me. You have never met me, or answered any of my calls. But you have power and influence over my life—and my children’s well-being—and that scares [...]

Food Banks Brace For Long Lines As Thousands Lose Benefits

By Brynne Keith-Jennings, -

By Brynne Keith-Jennings for Center for Budget and Policy Priorities. United States - Across the country, food banks and other organizations that serve the needy are preparing for long lines as [...]

Parents Plan Walk-In To Protest CPS Cuts

By Stephanie Lulay, -

By Stephanie Lulay for DNA Info - NEAR WEST SIDE — Parents, students and teachers will stage walk-ins at two high-profile CPS schools Wednesday. From 7:15-7:45 a.m. Feb. 17, community members [...]

Police, Fire Employees Protest Benefit Cuts

By Toby Sells, -

Dozens of Memphis police and fire employees and their families and friends gathered in a protest outside Memphis City Hall Tuesday against what they said were unfair cuts to their [...]

Repealing Tax Cuts Makes Moral Budget Possible

By William J. Barber II, -

A budget is a moral document. Through it, we can measure a state’s values and its vision for the common good. In North Carolina, we toast ourselves as a place “where the weak grow strong and the [...]

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