Hospitals Brace For Strikes As Workers Protest Staff Shortages

By Kristen Hwang, Cal Matters. -

As weary health care workers across California enter the 19th month of the pandemic, thousands are walking off the job and onto the picket line, demanding more staffing. The strikes and [...]

Forest Defenders Blockade Logging Roads In Mattole Headwaters

By It's Going Down. -

Early Thursday morning, 20 forest defenders barricaded logging roads in the headwaters of the upper North Fork Mattole River in anticipation of Humboldt Redwood Company (HRC) logging operations. [...]

California Attempts To Rein In Exploitation Of Truck Drivers

By Larry Buhl, Capital and Main. -

Like many truck drivers delivering goods from the ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles to big retailers throughout Southern California, Juan Carlos Giraldo has a contract job, and it looks decent [...]

Why 3.6m Pounds Of Nuclear Waste Is Buried On A Popular Beach

By Kate Mishkin, The Guardian. -

More than 2 million visitors flock each year to California’s San Onofre state beach, a dreamy slice of coastline just north of San Diego. The beach is popular with surfers, lies across one of the [...]

California Kids To Teachers’ Pension Fund: Divest From Oil

By Marcy Winograd, Common Dreams. -

The kids are mad as hell—and so are teachers who want their California teacher pension fund, CalSTRS, to join 1,000 other institutions collectively divesting $14.5 trillion from the fossil fuel [...]

How Oakland Teachers Took Control Of Our Return To School

By Shelby Ziesing and John Green, Labor Notes. -

It was March when, with declining Covid case rates and expanding access to vaccinations, the Oakland Education Association’s Big Bargaining Team reached an agreement to end the school year in [...]

Stopping The Logging Of Redwoods In Jackson State Forest

By Cal Winslow, Counter Punch. -

Logging has begun in Jackson State Demonstration Forest, 48,000 acres of state owned redwood forestland in Mendocino County in Northern California. The forest consists mostly of heavily cut over [...]

Scheer Intelligence: What Has Silicon Valley Done To Our Food?

By Robert Scheer, -

Companies such as Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods have started to become household names, producing meat substitutes that taste as close to meat as their scientists have been able to engineer. [...]

Graduate Student Researchers Seek Union Representation

By Katherine Swartz and Gabe Schneider, Cal Matters. -

In one of the largest public employee organizing drives California has seen in over a decade, some 17,000 graduate student researchers at the University of California may soon become union [...]

California Reparations Committee Confronts Harms Of Slavery

By Jackie Botts, Cal Matters. -

For more than three decades, Black members of Congress have introduced legislation to study the lasting harms of slavery on African Americans, and propose remedies. Year after year, the federal [...]

Oakland Dockworkers Refuse To Unload Israeli Cargo Ship

By Nora Barrows-Friedman, Electronic Intifada. -

Hundreds of activists and dockworkers responded to an international call to action and successfully prevented an Israel-owned vessel from unloading its cargo at Oakland in California on Friday. [...]

Protesters At Port Of Oakland Declare Win In Israeli Cargo Boycott

By Rick Hurd, East Bay Times. -

Hundreds of picketers and protesters marched Friday morning in front of the Port of Oakland to keep cargo on an Israeli ship from being delivered. Approximately 1,000 people from the Arab [...]

Scheer Intelligence: Governor Orders Independent Investigation Into Kevin Cooper Case

By Robert Scheer, -

Three hours and 42 minutes. That’s how close Kevin Cooper came in 2004 to being murdered by the state, strapped down to a gurney, and poisoned via lethal injection. He had been placed in what he [...]

There Is No ‘Border Crisis’

By Josue De Luna Navarro and Khury Petersen-Smith, In These Times. -

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) temporarily closed the San Ysidro border crossing in San Diego on the morning of Nov. 19, 2018. With 100,000 people and 40,000 vehicles crossing each day, [...]