HR 1’s Campaign Finance Program: A Reform That Doesn’t Reform

By Howie Hawkins, Counterpunch. -

HR 1, the For the People Act, is an omnibus voting reform bill that has many progressive measures concerning voter registration, voter roll purges, voter-verified paper ballots, early voting, [...]

Corporations #Resist Trump By Cutting Funding For Republicans

By Tatiana Cozzarelli, Left Voice. -

Dozens of large corporations  are stopping all donations to the political parties and their politicians in the wake of the right-wing storming of the Capitol last Wednesday. In many cases, [...]

Auctioning The American Dream

By John Attanasio, -

Americans are a competitive lot, eager to prove skill and determination in everything from the Olympics to the space race of the 1960s. But there’s one contest in which the U.S. has been ranked [...]

Minimum Wage, Marijuana, Gun Control & Other Issues Win Voters’ Approval

By Liz Essley Whyte for the Center for Public Integrity. Despite massive losses for Democrats in races from the White House to governors’ offices Tuesday, those on the left celebrated some [...]

More Funders Hide Their Campaign Donations

By Andrea Germanos, -

By Andrea Germanos for Common Dreams - Campaign finance reform advocates have rallied against super PACs' ability to influence elections since their creation in 2010, and new reporting by the [...]

100 Billionaires Give More Than 2.2 Million People To Campaigns

By Kenneth P. Vogel and Isaac Aarnsdorf, -

By Kenneth P. Vogel and Isaac Aarnsdorf for Politico - The 100 biggest donors of 2016 cycle have spent $195 million trying to influence the presidential election ― more than the $155 million [...]

Report: Growing Movement For Democracy Reform

By Staff, -

By Staff of Common Cause - A citizens’ movement to break the power of big money in politics with tougher disclosure laws, financing systems that elevate small dollar donors, and other reforms is [...]

A Vision For A Post Citizens United Future

Zephyr Teachout, -

Zephyr Teachout for MayDay.US - Six years ago today, the Supreme Court issued its ruling in Citizens United vs. FEC. It is not a happy anniversary. I remember waiting for the ruling and opening [...]

Super PAC Contributions Can Be Considered Bribes: Judge

Paul Blumenthal, -

By Paul Blumenthal for The Huffington Post - WASHINGTON -- A district court judge on Monday dismissed four corruption charges against Sen. Robert Menendez (D-N.J.) and his donor Salomon Melgen, [...]

Brazil Bans Corporations From Political Donations

By Bruce Douglas, -

By Bruce Douglas for The Guardian. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - Amid a massive corruption scandal which has tarnished Brazil’s political class and driven the country’s president to the brink of [...]

Politicians Admit The Corruption Of Government By Money

By Jon Schwarz, -

By Jon Schwarz in The Intercept - One of the most embarrassing aspects of U.S. politics is politicians who deny that money has any impact on what they do. For instance, Tom Corbett, [...]

Protest At Gov. Cuomo Fundraiser At Home Of Billionaire

By Laura Weir, -

By Laura Weir in 27 East - Highway Behind the Pond in East Hampton was the scene of a large gathering on Saturday as hundreds of protesters were dropped off in busloads from New York City in an [...]

Maine Leading The Way On Government Of, For & By The People

By Benjamin T. Brickner, -

By Benjamin T. Brickner in Huffington Post - Americans are fed up with the increasing grip of big money on our politics. This month, a new poll found that 85 percent of Americans -- including [...]

85% Of Americans Favor Systemic Changes In US Elections

By Nicholas Confessore and Megan Thee-Brenan, -

By Nicholas Confessore and Megan Thee-Brenan in New York Times - Americans of both parties fundamentally reject the regime of untrammeled money in elections made possible by the Supreme Court’s [...]

The Many Ways To Corrupt Public Officials

By David Sirota & Andrew Perez, -

Even by the standards of arms deals between the United States and Saudi Arabia, this one was enormous. A consortium of American defense contractors led by Boeing would deliver $29 billion worth [...]

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