Another Christmas On Death Row (Updated)

By Robert Scheer and Kevin Cooper, Truthdig -

For the past 33 Christmas holidays, Cooper has inhabited an 11-by-4 ½-foot cell in California’s San Quentin State Prison, the last eight waiting for Brown to grant him a new hearing and advanced [...]

Capital Punishment In The United States: Explained

By Jessica Brand and Callie Heller, -

In August 2018, the state of Tennessee executed Billy Ray Irick, the first man executed in the state since 2009. He had spent over 30 years on death row. As a child, Irick experienced [...]

Saudi Arabia Sparks International Protests With Execution

By Melissa Cronin, -

By Melissa Cronin for The Gawker. A total of 47 prisoners were executed in Saudi Arabia, including a well-known Shiite cleric who had criticized the government and sparked protests in the [...]

Time To Kill The Death Penalty

By Bernie Horn, -

By Bernie Horn for Campaign for America's Future - The death penalty is a tragic little corner of America’s “culture wars,” where mostly Southerners insist that their moral beliefs require them [...]