COP26 Negotiators Do Little To Cut Emissions

By Nicholas Kusnetz, Inside Climate News. -

Many climate advocates and vulnerable nations entered this year’s conference hoping to address an enduring failure of the Paris Agreement, which said nothing about fossil fuels. But a draft [...]

China And Solutions To Climate Change

By K. J. Noh and Michael Wong, Popular Resistance. -

Last year, President Xi Jinping, pledged that China’s CO2 emissions would peak before 2030, and China would become carbon neutral before 2060.  China has a track history of setting ambitious, [...]

COP26: How The World’s Militaries Hide Their Huge Carbon Emissions

By Doug Weir, Benjamin Neimark and Oliver Belcher, The Conversation. -

Climate change leadership requires more than stirring speeches. It means facing up to hard truths. One truth that governments around the world are struggling with is the immense contribution [...]

Climate Activists To Target UK Airports This Weekend To Protest Expansion

By Helen Coffey, The Independent. -

Climate activists will target 10 UK airports this weekend to protest proposed expansion. Campaigners are planning to protest at Bristol, Doncaster-Sheffield, Gatwick, Glasgow, Leeds-Bradford, [...]

Report: Plastics To Outpace Coal In Driving Climate Change

By Judith Enck And Jim Vallette, Beyond Plastics. -

Bennington, VT - Plastics are on track to contribute more climate change emissions than coal plants by 2030, a new report finds. As fossil fuel companies seek to recoup falling profits, they are [...]

Indigenous Resistance Disrupts Billions Of Tons Of Greenhouse Gas Emissions Annually

By Collin Rees, Oil Change International. -

Bemidji, Minnesota — The Indigenous Environmental Network and Oil Change International are releasing a new report titled Indigenous Resistance Against Carbon. The report analyzes the impact that [...]

Amazon Rainforest Is Releasing More Carbon Than It Stores

By Georgina Gustin, Inside Climate News. -

Over the last several years researchers have said that the Amazon is on the verge of transforming from a crucial storehouse for heat-trapping gasses to a source of them, a dangerous shift that [...]

Court Rules Germany Must Tighten Climate Law

By Thomas Escritt, Reuters. -

Berlin - Germany must update its climate law by the end of next year to set out how it will bring carbon emissions down nearly to zero by 2050, its top court ruled on Thursday, siding with a [...]

Joe Biden’s New Climate Pledge Isn’t Fair Or Ambitious

By Rishika Pardikar, Jacobin Magazine. -

On Thursday, President Joe Biden announced that the United States will cut emissions by 50 to 52 percent below 2005 levels by 2030 as part of its commitment to the 2016 Paris Agreement on climate [...]

Big Banks Make A Dangerous Bet On The World’s Growing Demand For Food

By Georgina Gustin, Inside Climate News. -

As global banking giants and investment firms vow to divest from polluting energy companies, they’re continuing to bankroll another major driver of the climate crisis: food and farming [...]

Coalition Pushes For 50% Carbon Cut By 2030

By Mitchell Beer, The Energy Mix. -

The United States officially rejoined the Paris Agreement Friday, with climate envoy John Kerry warning that high-stakes negotiations at COP 26 in Glasgow this fall represent the “last, best [...]

Many Overheated Forests May Soon Release More Carbon Than They Absorb

By Bob Berwyn, Inside Climate News. -

The last decades have been filled with dire warning signs from forests. Global warming has contributed to thinning canopies in European forests and to sudden die-offs of aspen trees in Colorado, [...]

Are We Really Past The Point Of No Return On Climate?

By Olivia Rosane, Ecowatch. -

A controversial new climate study has found that, even if greenhouse gas emissions were halted tomorrow, it might not be enough to stop temperatures from continuing to rise. The study, [...]

Multinational Companies Account For Nearly A Fifth Of Global CO2 Emissions

By Thin Lei Wen, -

Rome - The global supply chains of multinational companies such as BP, Coca-Cola and Walmart are responsible for nearly a fifth of climate-changing carbon dioxide emissions, according to a new [...]