Less Wealth Divde: Happier, Healthier, Less Enviro Destruction

By Kate Harveston, www.mintpressnews.com -

By Kate Harveston for Mintpress News. Countries with lower rates of wealth disparity tend to have happier citizens and offer a better quality of life. A more nearly equal distribution of wealth [...]

New Study Shows Organic Farming Traps Carbon In Soil

By Lela Nargi, www.civileats.com -

By Lela Nargi for Civil Eats - When it comes to mitigating the worst impacts of climate change, keeping excess carbon out of the atmosphere is the prime target for improving the health of our [...]

Episode 3: Carbon Tax & Social Dividends W/ Jeremiah Lowery & Camila Thorndike

By Adam Simpson et al, www.thenextsystem.org -

By Adam Simpson, Carla Santos-Skandier, Jeremiah Lowery and Camila Thorndike for The Next System Project - Adam Simpson: Welcome to the Next System Podcast. I'm Adam Simpson. My co-host today is [...]

Carbon Credits Likely Worthless In Reducing Emissions, Study Says

By Nicholas Kusnetz, www.insideclimatenews.org -

By Nicholas Kusnetz for Inside Climate News - As nations grapple with how they can slash their emissions as part of the Paris climate agreement, some may use international credit schemes that [...]

Study Reveals How To Cut Carbon Emissions By 100M Tons

By Marissa Knodel, www.foe.org -

By Marissa Knodel for Friends Of The Earth - The Keep It in the Ground campaign has built a powerful movement demanding climate action. By standing strong against the sale of public lands and [...]

Can US Learn From Denmark’s Ending Addiction To Carbon?

By Phil Mckenna, www.insideclimatenews.org -

By Phil Mckenna for Inside Climate News - In the 1970s, Denmark was addicted to oil, burning petroleum not only to power its cars but also to generate electricity. Forty years later, the country [...]

Healthy Ground, Healthy Atmosphere: Recarbonizing Soils

By Nancy Averett, www.ehp.niehs.nih.gov -

By Nancy Averett for EHP - On a bright October morning Dave Brandt tromps through the middle of his central Ohio wheat field. The grain was harvested months ago, but there isn’t an inch of bare [...]

Europe Reduces Greenhouse Gas Emissions To Lowest Recorded

By Tree Alerts, www.PopularResistance.org -

By Tree Alerts - Greenhouse gas emissions in Europe are at their lowest level ever recorded, while the EU’s economy continues to expand, a new report from the European Environment Agency (EEA) [...]

Newsletter – Black August, End Neo-Slavery, Resist

By Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese for Popular Resistance - Black August is coming to an end as we commemorate the ten year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. As many head back to school, a full [...]

Should Climate Scientists Tell The Full Truth?

By David Griffin, www.opednews.com -

By David Griffin for OpEd News - Should climate scientists tell the public how dire the climate crisis is -- in particular, whether it threatens to bring civilization to an end in the not-too [...]

Environmental Nonprofits Seek To Kill Citizens’ Climate Initiative

By Patrick Mazza, www.cascadiaplanet.blogspot.com -

Climate Solutions and the Washington Environmental Council are trying to kill Carbon Washington’s carbon tax ballot initiative before it gets off the ground. The two groups, the driving force [...]