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CARICOM, Regional Arm Of The Core Group, Sells Out Haiti Again

One can be forgiven for being confused about the situation unfolding in Haiti, with all of the moving parts inside the country and, outside, the CARICOM-led construction of a Transitional Presidential Council and a looming “Kenyan-led” (and U.S. run) military intervention. This is not an accident; it is a carefully crafted distraction. A great deal of effort has been spent to make it appear that the process underway in Haiti is a result of “Haitian-led” initiatives, spearheaded by regional allies in CARICOM, out of genuine concern for Haiti and its peoples.

Kenya Halts Police Deployment To Haiti After Resignation Of Ariel Henry

Kenya has suspended a police deployment to Haiti to be part of a US- and UN-backed mission, shortly after the de facto prime minister and president of the Caribbean country, Ariel Henry, announced his decision to resign on March 11. Abraham Korir Sing’Oei, the principal secretary of Kenya’s foreign ministry, stated on March 12 that the deployment would be “contingent on the ground situation, and the critical ground situation is that there has to be an authority that can be the basis for a police deployment, that enjoys constitutional authority in Haiti”.

Haiti’s Acting Prime Minister And President Ariel Henry Resigns

Ariel Henry, Haiti’s acting prime minister and president since July 2021, resigned from his post on Monday, March 11. The resignation of Henry was announced by Irfaan Ali, Guyanese President and Chair of CARICOM, in a press conference in Kingston, Jamaica on Monday. Ali also announced that a “transitional governance arrangement” had been achieved in order to restore “rule of law” and ensure a peaceful transition of power, security, and eventual elections. The announcement came as a result of an urgent meeting on the “multidimensional crisis in Haiti” convened by CARICOM.

International Community Must Reject US/UN/CARICOM Plan For Haiti

The Black Alliance for Peace (BAP) is alarmed that representatives of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) are at the forefront of the call for armed intervention in Haiti calling on Rwanda and Kenya to help lead the charge. Once again the Black Alliance for Peace (BAP) calls on the international community to reject U.S., UN, and CARICOM plans for an armed intervention in Haiti. We have been consistent in our support for Haitian people who view the presence of the United Nations Integrated Office (BINUH) and the Core Group as a foreign occupation. Since 2004, they have suppressed Haiti’s independence and sovereignty.

Haiti – CARICOM Caves In To US Pressure

As had been widely predicted, CARICOM caved in to the intense and relentless US pressure on it that the regional body threw its support behind the planned US military attack on Haiti. Meeting in Trinidad and Tobago, from 3-5 July, in its 45th Heads of Government conference, which also marked the 50th anniversary of the organisation, CARICOM abandoned its months long opposition to the US assault on its fellow member state and issued a statement  in support of the “immediate creation of a Humanitarian and Security Stabilization Corridor under the mandate of a United Nations Security Council (UNSC) Resolution, and agreed to seek support from international partners to help finance its establishment and the strengthening of security in Haiti”.

What Is Urgent And Necessary In Haiti

I greet you in the name of each common ancestor whose bones remain restless at the bottom of the Caribbean and Atlantic Oceans. I hope this brief note finds you in excellent health as it deals with an urgent crisis which requires that we summon superior collective wisdom, intelligence and, above all, courage. As you read this note, in the town of Jeremi (South-West Haiti/ Grandans), corpses are being pulled under collapsed rubble. The region was hit by a 4.9 magnitude quake early this morning. This occurred a few hours after floods had devastated large parts of the North, West and South of Haiti, causing loss of human lives, animals and property. 

Canada To Send Navy Ships To Haiti, Trudeau Announces At CARICOM Summit

Canada will send two navy ships to Haiti in the coming weeks to help the unelected government of Ariel Henry address “gang violence” in the country. This announcement was made by the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Thursday, February 16, during his participation at the Summit of the Heads of Government of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM), held in Nassau, the Bahamas. This interventionist move from Canada in Haiti was expected since CARICOM had announced, in a statement issued on February 14, that the prime minister of Canada would attend the summit as a “special guest.”

Open Letter To CARICOM On The Need To Support Haitian Sovereignty

On September 19, 2022, the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) issued a short statement expressing grave concern about worsening conditions in Haiti and pressing for “urgent and immediate attention from the international community.” In light of CARICOM’s more direct engagement in Haitian affairs in recent months, we call on your organization to respect Haitian sovereignty and to support the Haitian masses in their stand against the ongoing occupation of their country by foreign powers. Despite the erroneous representation of the current protests in Haiti as simply “gang violence,” the latest demonstrations are a direct result of two factors. First, they are a response to the everyday economic misery caused by rising inflation, especially through the staggering increase in the price of fuel.
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