More Parking Puts More Cars On The Road

By Michael Andersen, Sightline Institute. -

Do cities create greener lifestyles? Or do they just enable them? It’s very, very, very clear that people who live closer to other people drive less. But how much of this is due to the fact [...]

Strike Votes Continue As Autoworkers Gear Up For Contract Fight Against GM, Ford, And Chrysler

By Staff, -

Autoworkers at GM, Ford and Fiat Chrysler (FCA) are continuing to vote on strike authorization. Balloting will conclude Wednesday, and the official totals are expected the following day. The [...]

Meet Noah, The Circular Car Of The Future

By Christine Lepisto, -

Meet Noah. This lightweight plug-in electric city car scoots two people and their stuff around for up to 149 miles (240 km) on a single charge and can reach speeds of 68 miles per hour (110 [...]

Plan Now And Electric Cars Can Help Create The Clean Energy Grid

By Nick Stockton, -

ELECTRIC VEHICLES ARE a fixture of many a transportation utopia, and for good reasons. In a world still reliant on private transportation, they promise everything from lower pollution to higher [...]

General Motors Is Going All Electric

By Alex Davies, -

By Alex Davies for Wired - AFTER MORE THAN a century peddling vehicles that pollute the atmosphere, General Motors is ending its relationship with gasoline and diesel. This morning, the American [...]

California Considers Combustion-Engine Car Ban

By Ryan Beene and John Lippert, -

By Ryan Beene and John Lippert for Bloomberg - The internal combustion engine’s days may be numbered in California, where officials are mulling whether a ban on sales of polluting autos is needed [...]

China Plans To Ban Sales Of Fossil Fuel Cars Entirely

By Darrell Etherington, -

By Darrell Etherington for TechCrunch - China’s big electric vehicle push is about to get even bigger: The country is planning to end the sale of fossil fuel-powered vehicles entirely, with [...]

Chris Hedges Visits Indiana City To See Impact Of Job Flight

By Chris Hedges, -

By Chris Hedges for Truth Dig - In a special edition of "On Contact," Truthdig columnist Chris Hedges visits Anderson, Ind., formerly a center of car production. He witnesses the economic and [...]

On Electric Cars, The U.S. Is Stuck In The Slow Lane

By Oscar Reyes, -

By Oscar Reyes for Other Words - While Europe races toward electric vehicles, U.S. automakers are actually trying to make cars less efficient. The French government recently announced a plan to [...]

Mississippi Autoworkers Mobilize

By Michelle Chen, -

By Michelle Chen for Dissent - The workers at the Nissan plant in Canton, Mississippi, had high hopes when the state-of-the-art factory complex moved in fourteen years ago to a small, majority [...]

Coalition Of 13 States Challenge Trump On Vehicle Emission Standards

By Staff, -

By Staff of Reuters - New York State's attorney general and 12 other top state law enforcement officials said on Friday they would mount a vigorous court challenge to any effort to roll back [...]

From Oslo To Vancouver, Cities Plan To Go Car-Free

By Leanna Garfield, -

By Leanna Garfield for TSS - In late 2016, Madrid’s Mayor Manuela Carmena reiterated her plan to kick personal cars out of the city center. On Spanish radio network Cadena Ser, she confirmed that [...]

Gas-Powered Cars Will Vanish In 8 Years, Big Oil Will Collapse: Stanford Study

By Staff, -

By Staff of Anti-Media - The reason for this, as he explains in thorough detail, is that the market for self-driving electric vehicles (EVs) is simply growing too fast. “What the cost curve says [...]

VW’s Environmental Settlement Includes 400 EV Fast Charging Stations

By James Ayre, -

By James Ayre for Clean Technica - As part of its court settlements with with the California Air Resources Board (CARB) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Volkswagen will build around [...]

German Push To Ban Combustion-Engine Cars By 2030 Wins Support

By Edward Taylor and Mark Heinrich, -

By Edward Taylor and Mark Heinrich - A proposal to stop sales of new combustion-engine cars by 2030 has gained cross-party support in Germany's Bundesrat, the country's upper house of parliament, [...]

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