Thousands Of Catalan Activists Protest Spain’s Royal Visit

By Staff, -

Thousands of demonstrators banged on kitchen pots and chanted "Catalonia has no king!" on Monday to protest a visit by the Spanish royal family to the capital of the region that has been [...]

The Two Roads Ahead For The Catalan Independence Movement

By Francisco Villamil, -

Two discourses permeate the Catalan independence movement. One of them argues that the Catalan constitute a differentiated group with their own culture and history, and therefore they merit their [...]

Catalonia ‘Separatists’ Bad, HK ‘Pro-Democracy Protesters’ Good: Orwell’s 1984 Becomes User’s Manual For Western ‘Free Media’

By George Galloway, -

When supporters of Catalan leaders jailed for organizing a democratic vote advance on Barcelona airport, media make a fuss over ‘separatists’ causing chaos. When the same tactic’s used in Hong [...]

Tsunami Of Dissent Floods Streets Of Catalonia

By Bue Rübner Hansen, ROAR Magazine. -

On most days, Barcelona is noisy, its air toxic. But this Friday, most of the city was quiet and breathable, traffic arteries blocked, cruise ships rerouted and flights canceled. Briefly, and [...]

Police, Protesters Clash In Catalonia For 3rd Night

By Joseph Wilson, -

BARCELONA, Spain (AP) — Rioting raged in Barcelona and several other Catalan towns for a third straight night Wednesday, with police fighting running street battles with protesters angered by [...]

Catalan Separatist Leaders Get Up To 15 Years In Jail

By Joan Faus, Reuters. -

Madrid - Spain’s Supreme Court plans to convict and sentence Catalan separatist leaders to a maximum of 15 years in prison over a 2017 bid for independence, a judicial source said on [...]

Letter From Catalonia: Barcelona’s Occupy Mayor Wins A Second Term

By Elia Gran, -

Colau narrowly lost the popular vote (21.3% to 20.7%) on May 26 to Ernest Maragall of the Republican Left party, which calls for Catalonia — Spain’s largest and wealthiest province and home to [...]

Independence Trial Protest Organizers Celebrate A “Historic” March In Madrid

By Staff, -

Organizers of the protest against the Catalan trial have celebrated a “historic” march in Madrid in a “context of political repression”. For the Catalan National Assembly (ANC) president Elisenda [...]

Burnt Tires & Clashes With Police As Pro-Independence Protests Grip Catalonia

By Staff, -

Pro-independence activists in Catalonia are venting their anger at Madrid’s trial of the region’s provincial leaders. Baton-wielding police scuffled with some of the demonstrators as people also [...]

Who Are The 12 Catalan Leaders Facing Years In Prison?

By Staff, -

More than a year has passed since Catalonia's regional parliament voted to declare independence from Spain following a contested referendum that saw Spanish police violently disperse Catalan [...]

Protests In Catalonia Against Spanish Cabinet Visit: Here’s What Happened

By Staff, -

Several parts of the city center were on lockdown this Friday morning due to the cabinet meeting and the pro-independence protests. The Palau Llotja de Mar building, close to the Barcelona [...]

Two Jailed Catalan Separatist Leaders Begin Hunger Strike

By Staff, -

Two Catalan separatist leaders jailed pending trial in Spain over their role in last year's failed independence bid have begun a hunger strike, their lawyer said. Jordi Sanchez, the former head [...]

Catalonia: A New Lesson For A People Who Want To Be Independent

By Carlos Aznárez, -

A million people crying for independence, demanding the release of political prisoners and the return of exiles should be an image that should be traveling around the world to show that the [...]

Extradition Against Catalan Leader Fails, Calls For Resolution, King Offers To Negotiate

By Catalan News -

On July 19, Spain’s Supreme Court has withdrawn all the European Arrest Warrants against pro-independence leaders abroad, including former Catalan president Carles Puigdemont. Spanish [...]

More Than 100,000 Call For Freedom Of Political Prisoners In Catalonia

By Guifré Jordan, -

Between 110,000 and 200,000 people attended a march held in Barcelona on Saturday to demand freedom for the nine pro-independence leaders jailed. The Catalan capital's local police estimated that [...]

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