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Catholic war on women

Protesters Urge Pope To End ‘Thousands Of Years Of Misogyny’

By Ruby Mellen for Huffington Post - Sister Janice Sevre-Duszynska, a Kentucky native ordained by the Roman Catholic Women Priests and one of the leaders of the protest, voiced frustration at what she said was a great injustice. "This is an act of violence, denying priesthood to women," she told The Huffington Post. Pope Francis, Sevre-Duszynska said, should draw the connection between the oppression of women within the church and violence against women in the world. Doing so, she said, would heal "hundreds, thousands of years of misogyny." "I think folks are forgetting that Pope Francis is the CEO of an institution that's a patriarchy. It wasn't heavy theology," Bourgeois said. "It's called discrimination."

While Country Goes Forward, NY Goes Backward On Marijuana

The NY Medical Marijuana Patients Cooperative announced Manhattan's oldest marijuana buyer's club was closing due to the passage of the new law named the Compassionate Care Act, the patient's cooperative was known for it's unique blend of harm reduction and medical marijuana. "The NYMMPC was the only dispensary in the nation that counseled its patients on how to use less marijuana. Group members included patients living with: AIDS, cancer, Glaucoma, Bi-polar disorder, PTSD, Krohn's Disease, depression, anxiety, Multiple Sclerosis, and myriad other illnesses. "The new law was written to limit and exclude many care providers. Our policy was to accept any patient who could prove they had any serious disabling illness," said an unnamed spokesperson for the club, "either with a doctor's note or an equivalent."

The Catholic War on Women {aTV 005}

DISCUSSED: Abortion, Pope Francis, Patriarchy, Does the choice movement need an “it gets better” campaign to empower women to not hide/ apologize about their abortions?, Roe v. Wade, Clinic defenders, Abortion stories, How the Bible teaches women to abort unwanted pregnancy, Bad Choices, Being a target of a pro-life “wanted” poster, Abortion as a local issue, Single women who love sex and don’t want babies. Kelly Carlin frames her experience of being a woman in the current cultural and political climate in the following way: “The bottom line is, as a woman, I don’t feel safe in the world. I feel like an object. I feel like I could be raped or beaten at any moment. And I feel like I don’t have real control over my destiny and my future. And I have to feel ashamed of my body and who I am. If I could wake up and know that my culture no longer thought those things about me, the world would be such an incredible place because women could actually feel the power they have to help solve the problems that this planet is facing right now.” Katie Klabusich relates her harrowing experience as a target of a “Wanted Poster” campaign from the Pro-Life Action League. “They decided for Lent this year to put together an Internet meme asking people to pray for (three people): me, (and also) an abortion doctor, and a pro-choice journalist. They put the three of us, with our names, cities, where we work, etc., (and published) it in the blog post and told people to ‘pray’ for us.” This was a major concern because, as Katie says,” the anti-choice movement has used wanted posters to kill people. It has lead to assassinations.”
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