Google’s Delisting And Censorship Of Information

By Julian Vigo, -

In early January, numerous websites discovered that they were suddenly removed from the directory of Google News, a process known as “delisting,” with no feedback from Google. Some hypothesized [...]

Homeland Security Compiling Database Of Journalists And ‘Media Influencers’

By Michelle Fabio , Forbes -

Regarding the DHS media database, we are entering potentially dangerous territory with the government keeping track of the "sentiment" of citizens and foreign nationals. If not legal challenges [...]

YouTube Censors Abby Martin-Max Blumenthal On Israeli Militarism

By Staff, Telesur -

TeleSUR presenter Abby Martin's episode highlighting Israeli military violence against Palestinians has been blocked by YouTube in 28 countries for supposedly violating "local laws," the [...]

Government Secrecy On Rise, Sets Record For FOIA Denials

By Ted Bridis, -

WASHINGTON (AP) — The federal government censored, withheld or said it couldn’t find records sought by citizens, journalists and others more often last year than at any point in the past decade, [...]

As Class Divides Expand, More Calls For Internet Censorship

By Jerry White, -

The growing wave of working-class unrest in the United States and internationally is exposing and clarifying basic political questions. Among them is the central purpose of the campaign by the [...]

How Israel And Its Partisans Work To Censor The Internet

By Alison Weir, -

Recently, YouTube suddenly shut down the If Americans Knew YouTube channel. This contained 70 videos providing facts-based information about Israel-Palestine. People going to the channel saw a [...]

Universities That Censor Speech On Palestine Pose As Champions Of Protest

By Nora Barrows-Friedman, -

Last week, students at the University of Virginia protested during a campus event featuring a group of Israeli soldiers. The soldiers were part of Reservists on Duty, an organization that aims to [...]

Lawmakers Label Al-Jazeera A Foreign Agent Due to Israel Reporting

By Chip Gibbons, Defending Rights and Dissent -

A group of lawmakers are angry that an Al-Jazeera reporter partook in an undercover investigation of Israel lobbyists. As a result, they are calling on Attorney General Jeff Sessions to force the [...]

Google ‘Ministry Of Truth’ Intensifies Suppressing ‘Fake News’

By Eric Zuesse, -

On November 18, Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt spoke about how Google will help to defeat Russia. He said that Google helps in this effort not by “censoring” Russian news media, but by “deranking” [...]

TeleSUR English’s Day In Facebook ‘Jail’ Raises Doubts About Silicon Valley Hospitality

By Elliott Gabriel, -

QUITO, ECUADOR — Facebook users who followed Latin American news outlet teleSUR English were confused on Tuesday when the fan page suffered a mysterious disappearance from the site that lasted [...]

Julian Assange Calls Effort Of Corporations To Control Internet Discourse “An Existential Threat To Humanity”

By Staff, -

The future of humanity is the struggle between humans that control machines and machines that control humans. Between the democratization of communication and usurpation of communication by [...]

Thought Police for the 21st Century

By Chris Hedges, Truthdig -

The abolition of net neutrality and the use of algorithms by Facebook, Google, YouTube and Twitter to divert readers and viewers from progressive, left-wing and anti-war sites, along with [...]

Facebook Announces Major Plan To Censor News Content

By Andre Damon, -

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced Friday that the world’s largest social network is initiating major changes aimed at deprioritizing news and political content on individual users’ news [...]

Facebook Deleting Accounts At Direction of US & Israel

By Glenn Greenwald, -

A Facebook spokesperson told the New York Times that the company deleted these accounts not because Kadyrov is a mass murderer and tyrant, but that “Mr. Kadyrov’s accounts were deactivated [...]

Most Censored Stories Of 2017, Honduras V. Venezuela

By Lee Camp, -

Lee Camp covers what were some of the most censored stories this year, according to the media watchdog site “Project Censored.” He also discusses accused pedophile Roy Moore, who lost his bid for [...]

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