Immigrant ‘Warriors For Justice’ Return To Their Roots

By Bill Boyarsky, -

By Bill Boyarsky for Truthdig. Immigrant justice organizers skills are being tested as ICE officers prowl courthouses, day labor centers, school areas and knock on home doors. ICE personnel also [...]

Farmworkers Who Sparked Biggest Labor Movement In U.S. History

By Alexa Strabuk, -

By Alexa Strabuk for Yes! Magazine - On a dusty Thursday evening, a couple hundred yards across the railroad tracks from old town Delano, California, Roger Gadiano ambles out of his one-story [...]

Cesar Chavez Day: His Legacy Lights A New Leader’s Path

By Emma Torres, -

By Emma Torres for Equal Voice. I was only 15 years old when my family became involved in the huelga (strike) in California. My parents, aunts and uncles provided meals to hundreds of Chavistas [...]

The Modern History of Venezuela: The Bolivarian Revolution

By Paul Jay, -

There has been social policies that have led to a very, very significant reduction of poverty and to greater degree of equality. Venezuela's not today an particularly equal society, but it's the [...]

Cesar Chavez Comes to Life In Film About California’s Heroic Labor Leader

By Matt Carter, -

one Mexican actor-turned-director has made Chavez’s life the subject of a new film – opening in theaters across America this Friday, March 28 – which, for him, was both a cause to educate himself [...]

If César Chávez Were Alive Today, He Would Join the Resistance Against Walmart

By Sarita Gutpa -

Many other workers along Walmart’s supply chain have followed suit and called on the company to address working conditions. In 2012, Mexican guestworkers at a Walmart-contracted crawfish [...]