“We Demand Food For Thought”: UIC Grad Workers On Strike For Living Wages And Respect

By Hannah Steinkopf-Frank, Inthesetimes.com -

In front of the historic Jane Addams Hull-House Museum on March 19, University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) graduate workers began an indefinite strike. The union is joining a national movement [...]

Teaching Assistants Go On Strike At University Of Illinois At Chicago

By Dawn Rhodes, Chicagotribune.com -

Graduate student employees at the University of Illinois at Chicago, saying they don’t earn a living wage, went on strike Tuesday after more than a year of contract negotiations failed to produce [...]

Teachers At Four Chicago Charter School Campuses Walk Out

By Kristina Benitis, Wsws.org -

With contract talks stalled after nine months of negotiations, 175 teachers at four Civitas campuses, part of Chicago International Charter School (CICS), walked out on strike Tuesday at 6 a.m. [...]

Officers Accused Of Abuses Are Leading Chicago Police’s “Implicit Bias” Training Program

By Debbie Southorn and Sarah Lazare, Theintercept.com -

SERGIO HERRERA, A Chicago police officer, was accused in a 2010 lawsuit of teaming up with another officer to mace and beat a black man for no reason. The man was sitting in his parked car when [...]

Teachers In Denver, Oakland And Chicago Move Toward Strikes, Others Protest

By Samantha Winslow and Dan DiMaggio, Labornotes.org -

Who will pay for a 5 percent raise, smaller classes, and more nurses, librarians, and counselors for the Chicago public schools? “Rich people,” Chicago Teachers Union Vice President Stacy Gates [...]

Chicago Police Forced To Respect People With Disabilities

By Nissa Rhee, Chicagoreporter.com -

When Eric J. Wilkins was pulled over by the Chicago police in the spring of 2002, he was on edge. His older brother was sitting in prison at the time, a victim of Jon Burge-era police torture. [...]

Chicago Teachers Win First Charter Strike In History

By Barbara Madeloni, Portside.org -

In a charter network where 90 percent of the students are Latino, strikers won an agreement to designate all its schools as “sanctuary schools,” off-limits to immigration police. This article, [...]

First Charter School Strike in US History Authorized In Chicago

By Rebecca Burns, In These Times -

On Tuesday, teachers at 15 Chicago charter schools voted 98 percent to authorize a strike as they continue to bargain a contract with Acero Schools, the largest unionized charter network in the [...]

After Rahm’s Destruction, Can Chicago Creative A Cooperative Economy?

By Matt Stannard, Occupy.com -

When Rahm Emanuel announced last month that he would not seek a third term as mayor of Chicago, he broke no hearts among people opposed to neoliberal privatization and the power of finance [...]

Trombones On The Picket Line: Lyric Opera Orchestra On Strike For The First Time In 50 Years

By Amelia Diehl, Inthesetimes.com -

On Tuesday, the music stopped for the Lyric Opera of Chicago just as the company began its 64th season. Orchestra members walked out on strike over a new proposed contract that would cut pay, [...]

Unreasonable Fear Blocks Our View Of Black Humanity

By Natalie Moore, Wbez.org -

The slain black teenager experienced trouble in his short life, details an attorney for the white police officer used in his defense. None of that should’ve mattered in those moments Van Dyke [...]

City Colleges Of Chicago Workers Hit Picket Lines To Force Contract Talks

By Kate McGee, Wbez.org -

Three unions that represent faculty and staff at City Colleges of Chicago say the college’s bargaining team will not come to the table to negotiate contracts. The unions said they plan to picket [...]

Fifty Years Ago, 35,000 Chicago Students Walked Out Of Their Classrooms In Protest. They Changed CPS Forever.

By Tanner Howard, Chicagoreader.com -

It's 1968 and 18-year-old Pemon Rami, a recent graduate of Wendell Phillips Academy High School, stands in front of the Umoja Black Student Center in Bronzeville. He stares off into the distance, [...]

Murderous Chicago Cop Found Guilty: Now An Even Bigger Test

By Andy Thayer, Counterpunch.org -

For the first time in this city’s notorious history of violent policing, an on-duty officer finally has been found guilty of the murder. That the killer cop, Jason Van Dyke, was white, and his [...]

A Progressive Platform To Take Back Chicago In 2019

By Carlos Ramirez-Rosa and Rossana Rodriguez, Inthesetimes.com -

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s decision to not seek a third term has sent the city’s political and business communities into a speculative frenzy. While Chicago’s financial elite is preoccupied [...]