150 Federal Agents Set To Deploy In Chicago

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security is crafting plans to deploy about 150 federal agents to Chicago this week, the Chicago Tribune has learned, a move that would come amid growing [...]

Chicago School Board Votes To Keep Police Contract — For Now

By Nader Issa, Chicago Sun Times. -

Chicago’s school board has voted against ending a program that puts police officers in public schools, following the wishes of the mayor and top Chicago Public Schools leadership while rejecting [...]

Chicago’s Neighborhoods Will Remain “Occupied” Until The City Defunds CPD

By Bobby Vanecko, Southside Weekly. -

The book Occupied Territory: Policing Black Chicago from Red Summer to Black Power, published last year, details the history of the Chicago Police Department’s quasi-military occupation of the [...]

What’s The Alternative To Police In Schools?

By Curtis Black, Chicago Reporter. -

Thousands of Chicagoans have rallied in the past couple weeks behind the demand that Chicago Public Schools end its relationship with the police department. But a small group of advocates have [...]

Abandoned Communities Arrange Black/Brown Truce

By  Jacqueline Serrato, Southside Weekly. -

“After days of tensions and anti-black racism fueled by the Chicago Police Department, gangs from Little Village and the West Side are negotiating an understanding.” “Latinx and Black street [...]

Chicago Freedom School Offered Food, Water And Rest To Weary Protesters Trapped Downtown

By Justin Laurence, Chicago Book Club. -

Last weekend, as thousands of protesters gathered Downtown, the Chicago Freedom School sprung into action, working to feed and transport those stuck in the Loop — but a surprise inspection by the [...]

Chicago: Police Investigation Into Officer Covering Up Name Tag, Badge Number

By Jonathan Ballew, The Chicago Reporter. -

After one of the most volatile mass protests in the city’s recent memory sparked by the Minneapolis police killing of George Floyd, Chicago police are investigating at least one officer for [...]

Were Chicago’s Police Torture Reparations From 5 Years Ago Implemented?

By Flint Taylor, Truthout. -

The Chicago reparations movement offers a shining example to movements across the country, and in the past few years, activists in other cities have pursued their own calls for reparations. In [...]

It’s Official: Chicago Has Declared A Climate Emergency. Now What?

By Patty Wetli, News.wttw.com -

On Wednesday, members of City Council approved a climate emergency resolution introduced last month that calls on the city to “initiate a Climate Mobilization to reverse global warming and the [...]

Police Torture In Chicago

By Eve Ottenberg, Counterpunch. -

The Chicago police department has a problem. They say it’s fixed, but local African American residents can’t be blamed for being skeptical. The problem is torture. And of course the Chicago PD is [...]

The Torture Machine, Racism And Violence In Chicago

By Jeff Haas and Dennis Cunningham, Blackagendareport.com -

The Torture Machine, Racism and Police Violence in Chicago, by People’s Law Office and longtime National Lawyers Guild attorney Flint Taylor, is a meticulously detailed and authentic, truly [...]

Chicago High School Students Hold Sit-In In Defense Of Students Who Refused To Stand For National Anthem

By Andy Thompson, Wsws.org -

Students at Chicago’s Nicholas Senn High School carried out a sit-in on Wednesday in response to a teacher telling a Hispanic student, Yésica Salazar, 17, to “go back to your country” after [...]

Chicago Teachers Union Attempting To Ram Through Tentative Agreement Over Widespread Opposition

By Kristina Betinis, Wsws.org -

On Wednesday night, the Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) House of Delegates approved a tentative agreement that betrays all the aspirations of the 24,000 teachers who have been on strike for ten [...]

No Deal Reached As CTU Strike Continues Into Day 12

By Staff, Unicornriot.ninja -

Over most of the weekend, CPS (Chicago Public Schools) and the CTU were both more muted in their tone online and to the press. Both sides even suggesting they were close to a deal. That changed [...]

How Chicago Teachers Built Power Between Strikes

By Sarah Jaffe, Progressive.org -

The Chicago Teachers Union’s 2012 strike changed the labor movement in the United States. Not only did it revive the strike—years before the current “wave” of public school walkouts began—but it [...]