Global NATO: A 70-Year Alliance Of Oppressors In Crisis

By Horace G. Campbell, -

The celebration of NATO’s 70 years of existence provides another opportunity to unearth the real history of the ideas, practices and destruction wrought by this military alliance. Even with the [...]

Eye On America, China-Russia Flex Naval Muscles

 By Bertil Lintner, Chiang Mai, Asia Times  -

China and Russia are mounting a joint counter to US supremacy over Asia’s waterways, though bilateral grudges and suspicions endure Shared interests and a common enemy can turn old adversaries [...]

Russia Throws Down The Gauntlet To US On Venezuela

By M. K. Bhadrakumar, -

The Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova acknowledged in Moscow on Tuesday that Russian “specialists” are indeed in Venezuela within the ambit of a 2001 military-technical cooperation [...]

Financial Imperialism–The Case Of Venezuela

By Staff, -

Invasion of Venezuela by US and its proxies is just around the corner! This past week vice-president Pence flew to Colombia once again—for the fifth time in recent weeks—to provide final [...]

War With China? It’s Already Under Way

By Michael T. Klare, -

In his highly acclaimed 2017 book, Destined for War, Harvard professor Graham Allison assessed the likelihood that the United States and China would one day find themselves at war. Comparing the [...]

Russia And China Continue Dumping US Treasuries

By Staff, -

The latest US Treasury Department data shows that foreign investors slashed their holdings of American debt in November by $105 billion, from a year earlier, to $6.2 trillion. China, the largest [...]

The Green New Deal Is Happening In China

By Dean Baker, -

One of the Trump administration’s talking points about global warming is that we’re reducing greenhouse gas emissions, while the countries that remain in the Paris accord are not. Well, the first [...]

The US Conflict With China: China And The Uyghurs

By Godfree Roberts, The Unz Review  -

The US created the Uyghur problem in Xinjiang by sponsoring terrorists there–the same tactics it used in Cuba, Venezuela, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and Libya. Groups like the World [...]

President Trump’s Losing Strategy: Embracing Brazil And Confronting China

By Staff, -

The US embraces a regime doomed to failure and threatens the world’s most dynamic economy. President Trump has lauded Brazil’s newly elected President Jair Bolsonaro and promises to promote close [...]

Trump’s Deja Vu China Trade War (Part I)

By Staff, -

“Trade War! Trade War! When Trump pre-announced on March 2 his plan to impose tariffs on steel and aluminum imports, the mainstream press immediately began hyping the line that trade war was [...]

Japan Prepares For War Alongside US, Massive Military Build-Up Targets China & Russia

By Ben McGrath, -

The cabinet of Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe approved new so-called National Defense Program Guidelines (NDPG) on December 18 that will rapidly accelerate Tokyo’s remilitarization, including [...]

Bolton Threatens To Force Africa To Choose Between The US And China

By Glen Ford, -

Donald Trump last week trotted out his war dog, National Security Advisor John Bolton, to growl and snarl  over China’s attempts to “gain a competitive advantage” in Africa through “predatory” [...]

Trump’s African Pivot: Another Swipe At China

By Kenneth Surin, -

This week the Trump administration unveiled a “new” strategy for Africa, designed to counter China’s growing influence on that continent. John Bolton, Trump’s national security adviser, said the [...]

Canada To Pay Heavy Price For Taking Chinese Hostage For The United States

By Finian Cunningham, -

December 17, 2018 "Information Clearing House" -    You do have to wonder about the political savvy of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his government. The furious fallout from China [...]

A World Of Multiple Detonators Of Global Wars

By James Petras, The James Petras Website -

We face a world of multiple wars some leading to direct global conflagrations and others that begin as regional conflicts but quickly spread to big power confrontations. We will proceed to [...]