Austin Becomes 1st City In Texas To Mandate Paid Sick Leave

By Philip Jankowski,   -

The Austin City Council voted early Friday to make paid sick leave a mandatory requirement for all non-government employers, making Austin the first city in Texas to regulate sick leave. The [...]

First U.S. City To Ban Fossil Fuel Expansion Offers Roadmap For Others

By Kevon Paynter, -

On a clear July morning three years ago, dozens of environmental activists pushed their kayaks into the Willamette River in Portland while others rappelled 400 feet from the top of St. Johns [...]

City Takes Major Step To Reform Oppressive And Inhumane Bail System

By Mehreen Kasana / -

Atlanta's City Council just unanimously voted and adopted a move to reform Atlanta’s cash bail system, which frequently targets, jails and ultimately upends the lives of its poorest citizens for [...]

Cities Could Create Massive Virtual Power Plants With Distributed Solar

By Fred Lambert, -

It will function much like Tesla’s giant Powerpack system, which charges when demand and electricity rates are low and discharges when demand and prices are high. We reported last month the [...]

States And Cities Keep Battle For Net Neutrality Alive

By Klint Finley, -

STATES ARE STARTING to make good on their promises to fight for net neutrality in the wake of the Federal Communications Commission's decision to jettison rules that banned broadband providers [...]

Only 4 Out Of 20 #AmazonHQ2 Finalists Have Released Bids

By Beryl Lipton, -

The retail company has knocked out 90% of the competing cities - here’s the finalists that released their bids, and the ones that are still holding out. The growing global retailer Amazon has [...]

Learn More About What Your Town Is Investing In

By Beryl Lipton, -

Between government and private business, a lot of dollars exchange hands. This isn’t limited to the billions of dollars that get spent on government contracting - from purchasing bulk orders of [...]

How American Cities Can Help Close National Trust Deficit

By Katya Abazajian, -

In a world where fake news has become an international preoccupation, an increasing number of American cities are committing to make data-driven governance a core part of their culture. It’s an [...]

Cities, Volunteers Clash Over Feeding Homeless In Public

By Kate Brumback, -

When Adele MacLean joined others in an Atlanta park to feed the hungry the Sunday before Thanksgiving, she left with a citation and a summons to appear in court. The case was dropped when she [...]

Five Ways Co-ops Are Countering Corporate Power In Cities

By Nick Stumo-Langer, -

By Nick Stumo-Langer for Next City - As local economies suffer from market concentration in economic sectors ranging from retail to banking, cooperatives across industries are helping to [...]

Radical Municipalism: The Only Solution To Amazon’s Extortion Of Cities

By James Wilt, -

By James Wilt for Canadian Dimension - Last week saw a flurry of humiliating pitches by North American cities for Amazon to pick them as the location of the corporation’s second headquarters. New [...]

Tent City Leader Blasts Pugh As City Is Moving Homeless Group

By Fern Shen, -

By Fern Shen for Baltimore Brew - For Samantha Smith, the last straw came at the gala fundraiser for the homeless that she attended Saturday at the invitation of Mayor Catherine Pugh. Seated near [...]

California City Transforms Into ‘The Solar Capital Of The Universe’

By Jeremy Deaton, -

By Jeremy Deaton for Think Progress - Parris isn’t just looking to attract installation jobs. He also wants to bring manufacturing jobs to Lancaster. Accordingly, he encouraged BYD to open two [...]

A Tale Of Many Cities: The Road To Municipal Reform

By Steve Early, -

By Steve Early for Counter Punch - There is no better role model for aspiring radical scribes than Juan Gonzalez. The country’s leading Latino journalist is cohost of Democracy Now!, a former [...]

European Cities Are Reclaiming Public Services From The Private Sector

By Alexis Chemblette, -

By Alexis Chemblette for VIce - In the '80s a neoliberal tide swept across the West with the idea that welfares states had become too expensive and that privatizing public goods was better for [...]

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