Nine More Communities Vote To Amend The U.S. Constitution

By WI United To Amend. -

Madison, WI  – On Tuesday, November 6th, Wisconsin residents in nine communities voted to amend the U.S. Constitution to clarify that only human beings should have inalienable human rights and [...]

Communities Use Direct Democracy To Save Democracy

By Wisconsin United to Amend, Popular Resistance. -

Madison, WI  – On Tuesday, November 6th, Wisconsin residents in nine communities will vote on whether to amend the U.S. Constitution to clarify that only humans should have constitutional rights [...]

Since ‘Citizens United,’ Just 15 Groups Account For 75 Percent Of The $800+ Million In Dark Money Spent On US Elections

By Jessica Corbett, -

"Dark money groups hold enormous sway over what issues are, and are not, debated in Congress and on the campaign trail," the report explains. "But the donors behind these groups rarely discuss [...]

Newsletter: The Corruption Of Money

By Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers. As tax day approaches, there will be numerous reports about how US oligarchs – wealthy individuals and major corporations – do not pay their fair share in [...]

National Consensus For Transformational Change: Action Needed

By Robert Weissman for Huffington Post. Americans overwhelmingly agree on a wide range of issues. They want policies to make the economy more fair and hold corporate executives accountable. They [...]

A Legal Precedent For A More Equitable Society

By Edward Campbell for Op-Ed News. Article One sections 9 and 10 of the Constitution forbids the grant of any "Titles of Nobility". In promoting the adoption of the Constitution of the United [...]

California Can Hold Ballot Measure On Citizens United, Court Rules

By Nick Cahill, -

By Nick Cahill for The Huffington Post - SAN FRANCISCO (CN) - California lawmakers can ask for voters' opinions on campaign-spending laws after the California Supreme Court on Monday upheld the [...]

Super PAC Contributions Can Be Considered Bribes: Judge

Paul Blumenthal, -

By Paul Blumenthal for The Huffington Post - WASHINGTON -- A district court judge on Monday dismissed four corruption charges against Sen. Robert Menendez (D-N.J.) and his donor Salomon Melgen, [...]

Kings In Black Robes

By Stephen A. Justino, -

The Supreme Court is systematically stripping Constitutional Rights from real, live human beings and giving those rights to Corporations and a very small group of plutocrats. There are a lot of [...]

Newsletter: Our Task-The Future As A Frontier

Sam Smith gave this talk, “On Becoming and Being an Activist,” at a teen conference. The essence of his message is that we are facing serious crises and we have to make a choice of whether we [...]

Protests Interrupt Supreme Court Over Citizens United

On the anniversary of the Citizens United decision the US Supreme Court was interrupted by a series of protests decrying the corruption of government made worse by the decision. Reuters [...]

Hundreds March Through Snow To End Political Corruption

By NH Rebellion, -

Concord, NH - From January 11 to 21, hundreds of reform-minded citizens will brave the elements and walk across New Hampshire in a frigid “New Hampshire Rebellion" against big money in politics. [...]

From Selma To Citizens United: Struggle For One Person, One Vote

By Chris Kromm, -

The 1965 Selma to Montgomery marches -- and the brutal backlash to them from Alabama state troopers -- galvanized national support for the Voting Rights Act, changing the balance of power in the [...]

Maximum Progress On The Minimum Wage

By Amy Goodman, -

Beyond the hyperbole, beneath the pronouncements of pundits, strong currents are moving, slowly shifting our society. One movement that shined through the electoral morass demanded an increased [...]

6 Ways Americans Voted Against Corporate Power In Midterm Elections

By Mary Hansen and Kayla Schultz, -

Deep breaths, everyone. The midterm election didn't exactly go how many people hoped. The Democrats' loss of the Senate could mean a Congress that's a lot friendlier to things like the [...]

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