Scientists Endorse Mass Civil Disobedience To Force Climate Action

By Matthew Green, -

LONDON (Reuters) - Almost 400 scientists have endorsed a civil disobedience campaign aimed at forcing governments to take rapid action to tackle climate change, warning that failure could inflict [...]

Climate Crisis Being Used As A Defense To Civil Disobedience

By Nicole Rogers, -

So what is reasonable conduct in the face of the mounting climate crisis? The importance of asking this question cannot be overstated. The phrase “climate emergency” became part of the political [...]

‘Despair Ends And Tactics Begin’: Extinction Rebellion Aims To Shut Down Brisbane With Mass Civil Disobedience

By Jake Johnson, -

On the heels of the hottest month in recorded history, activists with the global Extinction Rebellion movement are planning to grind the city of Brisbane, Australia to a halt Tuesday to pressure [...]

Last Weekend, I Was Part Of ‘The Largest Act Of Civil Disobedience In British History’

By Darragh Murphy, -

At 6am on Good Friday morning I went to sleep in the crypt of St John’s Church in Waterloo with the rest of the night shift of Extinction Rebellion as the sun began to rise. Extinction Rebellion [...]

Extinction Rebellion

By Chris Hedges, -

There is one desperate chance left to thwart the impending ecocide and extinction of the human species. We must, in wave after wave, carry out nonviolent acts of civil disobedience to shut down [...]

Protesters Closed The Road To Kaapelinkulma Gold Mine By Using Civil Disobedience

By Staff, -

In Valkeakoski, Finland, protesters closed the access to the mine by locking themselves on the road on early morning January 2nd 2019. The aim was to stop the preparatory works at the mine. The [...]

Why Hondurans See Migration As An Act Of Civil Disobedience

By Crystal Vance Guerra, -

A singular image is said to have sparked this latest migrant caravan. Set against a bold, red background, it features a figure, arms outstretched like a cross, with a backpack flying the Honduran [...]

Extinction Rebellion: Direct Action Is Our Last Chance To Phase-Out Carbon

By Husna Rizvi, The New Internationalist -

A new climate breakdown resistance movement is forming in Britain. On Wednesday 31 October in Westminster, ‘Extinction Rebellion’ – a nascent mass direct-action group, in the style of Occupy – [...]

‘We Have A Duty To Act’: Hundreds Ready To Go To Jail Over Climate Crisis

By Matthew Taylor, -

A new group of “concerned citizens” is planning a campaign of mass civil disobedience starting next month and promises it has hundreds of people – from teenagers to pensioners – ready to get [...]

Protester Explains Protesting To Attorney General Sessions

By Francis Flisiuk , The Portland Phoenix   -

Attorney General Jeff Sessions came to Portland, Maine to meet with members of local law enforcement and promote “Operation Synthetic Opioid." During the meeting, he called for Maine Sheriffs to [...]

Bond Denied For Kings Bay Plowshares Activists

By Staff, -

Seven Catholic plowshares activists were arrested early Thursday morning, April 5 at the Kings Bay Naval Base in St. Mary’s, Georgia. They entered the base late in the evening of April 4, 2018 in [...]

Charges Against Portland Black Lives Matter Protesters Dropped

By Jake Bleiberg, -

By Jake Bleiberg for BDN - PORTLAND, Maine — A year after Portland police ended a Black Lives Matter demonstration with a mass arrest, the resulting legal drama has come to a close with the [...]

MIT Media Lab Announces $250,000 For Civil Disobedience

By Amanda Hoover, -

By Amanda Hoover for Boston Magazine. On Monday, the MIT Media Lab opened applications for its Disobedience Award, a first-of-its-kind prize for an individual or group involved in civil [...]

It May Only Take 3.5% Of Population To Topple Dictator

By Erica Chenoweth, -

By Erica Chenoweth for The Guardian - The United States has its own rich history – past and present – of effective uses of nonviolent resistance. The technique established alternative [...]

Why We Must Support Federal Worker Noncooperation

By Adriana Calvarezi, -

By Adriana Calvarezi for Truthout - After 17 years at the US State Department, for example, TJ Lunardi decided to call it quits. Like other senior foreign service officers who, on January 25, [...]