Culture Of Resistance Film, Life Is Waiting, Cancelled At Last Minute

By Ara Lee, Culture of Resistance Films   -

We were extremely frustrated, outraged, and sad to learn that our Aug. 2 New York City screening of Life Is Waiting: Referendum and Resistance in Western Sahara was canceled at the last minute. [...]

Conservative Judge Stands By Constitution And Dismisses Civil Resistance Case

By Bruce K. Gagnon, -

It was an amazing day yesterday that began at 7:30 am  as we vigiled in the cold and snow in front of the Sagadahoc County Courthouse in Bath for an hour before we had to go inside for the start [...]

If Supreme Court Upholds Muslim Ban, We’ll Need Civil Resistance

By Rob Hunter, -

By Rob Hunter for The Guardian, The US supreme court announced on Monday that it will decide on the legality of Donald Trump’s travel ban. It also partially stayed injunctions against the ban, [...]

Learning From Civil Resistance Around The World

By Jamila Raqib, -

By Jamila Raqib for Medium - There’s a lot of debate in the United States about the direction of the country. People are realizing that simply putting faith in their elected leadership or in [...]

Defending Civil Resistance Under International Law

By Editor, -

By Editor of Counter Currents - Since the Reagan administration’s ascent to power in 1981, thousands of American citizens have engaged in various forms of non-violent civil resistance activities [...]

Dissent Is Patriotic, And Powerful Antidote To Propaganda

By Bethany Woolman, -

By Bethany Woolman, ACLU of Northern California. Fifty-five years ago this January, the ACLU of Northern California was busy filling orders from across the country for copies of its recently [...]

Wealth Belongs To All Of Us, Not Just The Rich

By Dariel Garner, -

By Dariel Garner for Popular Resistance. Imagine eating at a sumptuous private banquet every night that the whole society has paid for, while most people are too stressed from overwork and worry [...]

The Flood Wall Street Not Guilty Verdict Changes Policing

For the first time, a New York judge gave judicial notice to the realities of climate change as he exonerated ten protesters on freedom of speech grounds. Judge Robert Mandelbaum found the Flood [...]