What You Don’t Know About Rosa Parks

By Urana McCauley as told to Liz Dwyer, Shondaland. -

Rosa Parks — my Auntie Rosa — was not just a tired old lady who sat down on a bus one day. With February 4 being (what would have been) my great aunt’s 105th birthday, I’m going to Woodlawn [...]

From Georgia To NYC: Civil Rights Roots Of Community Land Trusts

By Abigail Savitch-Lew, Citylimits.org -

When New Yorkers discuss the community land trust, they often describe it as a complicated land ownership structure, one that’s already proven its success in Bernie Sanders’ Burlington and in [...]

What Failed Civil Rights Campaign Can Teach Climate Activists

By Cam Fenton, wagingnonviolence.org -

In early December, Canada’s National Energy Board gave Texas pipeline company Kinder Morgan permission to ignore local laws and permits while starting construction on its Trans-Mountain pipeline. [...]

Justice, Clean Air And Water In The Age Of Trump

By Oliver Milman, theguardian.com -

By Oliver Milman for The Guardian - The Trump administration is peeling away rules designed to protect clean air and water, fueling a growing urgency around the struggle for environmental [...]

Dick Gregory: A Life Agitating & Seeking Justice

By Rachel Mack, www.americanswhotellthetruth.org -

By Rachel Mack for Americans Who Tell The Truth. The great civil rights activist Dick Gregory died this week. His book, Nigger, was published when I was nine years old and had a long-lasting [...]

Trump Rolls Back Civil Rights Efforts Across The Government

By Jessica Huseman and Annie Waldman, www.propublica.org -

By Jessica Huseman and Annie Waldman for Pro Publica - Previously unannounced directives will limit the Department of Justice’s use of a storied civil rights enforcement tool, and loosen the [...]

Police Without Warrants Searched Low Income Housing

By Llowell Williams, www.care2.com -

By Llowell Williams for Care2. Longmont, CO - Though the United States strives to realize justice and equality for all Americans, it is an unfortunate truth that when it comes to people of lower [...]

Enviro Groups Stage Massive People’s Climate March On Washington

By John Zangas, www.dcmediagroup.us -

By John Zangas of DC Media Group. Washington, DC - Hundreds of grassroots environmental groups from around the country rallied Saturday at the U.S. Capitol in a mass march against administration [...]

Not Your Grandma’s Civil Rights Strategy

By Jon Else, www.tomdispatch.com -

By Jon Else for Tom Dispatch - On a glorious afternoon in August 1963, after the massive March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom wrapped up on the national mall, President John F. Kennedy, [...]

Fight For $15 And Movement For Black Lives Plan Nationwide Action

By Fight for $15 and Movement for Black Lives, www.popularresistance.org -

By Fight for $15 and Movement for Black Lives. MEMPHIS -- The Fight for $15 and the Movement for Black Lives will take to the streets nationwide April 4 – the anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther [...]

Civil Rights Groups Demand Immigration Agents Stop Impersonating Police Officers

By Staff, www.aclusocal.org -

By Staff of ACLU - LOS ANGELES - The ACLU Foundation of Southern California and a coalition of advocacy groups today sent a letter to Los Angeles Police Department Chief Charlie Beck, Mayor Eric [...]

Lawyer Defending Racial Gerrymandering Picked For Top Civil Rights Job

By Lee Fang, www.theintercept.com -

By Lee Fang for The Intercept - JOHN GORE, AN ATTORNEY who has worked to defend laws that critics say are designed to weaken the voting rights of African-Americans and other minorities, was [...]

Chicago Police Routinely, ‘Systemically’ Abused Civil Rights

By Nadia Prupis, www.commondreams.org -

By Nadia Prupis for Common Dreams - Chicago police systematically violated people's civil rights by routinely using excessive force, particularly against African-Americans and Latinos, according [...]

The Forgotten, Radical Martin Luther King Jr.

By Matt Berman, www.nationaljournal.com -

By Matt Berman for National Journal. Martin Luther King Jr. was not just the safe-for-all-political-stripes civil-rights activist he is often portrayed as today. He was never just the "I Have a [...]

Can North Carolina’s Moral Mondays Movement Spark New Civil Rights Fire?

By William Barber II, www.ebony.com -

By William Barber II for Ebony - Donald Trump’s triumph across the South and Midwest, which won him the Electoral College and the White House, did not extend to Governor Pat McCrory in my home [...]