The Black American Holiday Everyone Should Celebrate

By Jamelle Bouie, -

By Jamelle Bouie for Slate. Officially, the Emancipation Proclamation freed “all persons held as slaves within any State or designated part of a State” where the residents were “in rebellion [...]

Signs Of Stoking A Civil War In Venezuela Continue

By Fabiola Sanchez, -

By Fabiola Sanchez for AP News - CARACAS, Venezuela (AP) — Pro- and anti-government factions dug themselves further into their trenches Monday amid Venezuela’s deepening political crisis, with [...]

Venezuela: A New Direction For US Regime Change Operations

By Staff, -

By Staff of Moon of Alabama - On Sunday Venezuela will hold an general election of participants of a constitutional assembly. Half of the representatives will be elected from regular electoral [...]

Obama’s Legacy In Africa: Terrorism, Civil War And Military Expansion

By Eric Draitser, -

By Eric Draitser for Mint Press News - The corporate media is predictably churning out nauseating retrospectives of Obama’s presidency, gently soothing Americans to sleep with fairy tales about [...]

Time To Exorcise The Ghost Of Franco

By Jorge Martín, -

By Jorge Martín for In Defense of Marxism - The main reason for this is the fact that the civil war was won by the ruling class, which backed the fascist military uprising. The Franco [...]

Bookchin’s “The Spanish Civil War” — An Excerpt

By Staff, -

By Staff of ROAR Magazine - Between myth and reality there lies a precarious zone of transition that occasionally captures the truth of each. Spain, caught in a world-historic revolution fifty [...]

The Civil War Didn’t End Slavery After All

By Lauren Karaffa, -

By Lauren Karaffa for Other Worlds - Slavery has been abolished in the United States since 1865, when the 13thAmendment was passed in the ashes of the Civil War. Well, almost abolished. Actually, [...]

A New Approach To Ending A Civil War

By Constanza Vieira, -

Three major advances were made over the last week in the peace talks that have been moving forward in Cuba for nearly two years between the Colombian government and the FARC guerrillas, while the [...]