Nearly 1,000 Amazon Workers Will Walk Out And Join Global Climate Strike

By Alexandra Jacobo, -

"As a leader, we need to reach zero first and not be a company who slides in at the last possible deadline,” Nearly 1,000 Amazon employees have pledged to join the massive upcoming Global Climate [...]

Document Reveals The FBI Is Tracking Border Protest Groups As Extremist Organizations

By Jana Winter and Hunter Walker, -

The FBI has gathered intelligence from people with “direct access” to the organizations and is monitoring their social media, according to the document,  called an “external intelligence note,” [...]

Labor Day 2019: Surveys Show Wages NOT Rising & Jobs 500,000 Fewer

By Staff, -

What’s the condition of the US working class on this Labor Day 2019? Wages and Jobs are of course the best indicators of that condition. So let’s look at wages and jobs today in America. What we [...]

A Year Of Organizing Freelance Journalists

By Staff, -

In March of 2019, the Industrial Workers of the World Freelance Journalists Union unintentionally went public. Having recently settled on a formal name for the organization, committee members [...]

Seeds Of Labor War Are Fertilized By The NLRB

By Hamilton Nolan, -

Inherent in the ridiculous human condition is the necessity that we continually relearn lessons of the past, the hard way. Such is the case today. Guess what happens when the government and power [...]

Dissent Is Being Criminalized Right Under Our Noses

By Mike Siegel, -

Many of us are deeply concerned about the recent wave of mass shootings and hate crimes that have taken place across the United States. As the Department of Justice reported, in 2018 alone there [...]

Strike Votes Continue As Autoworkers Gear Up For Contract Fight Against GM, Ford, And Chrysler

By Staff, -

Autoworkers at GM, Ford and Fiat Chrysler (FCA) are continuing to vote on strike authorization. Balloting will conclude Wednesday, and the official totals are expected the following day. The [...]

The Acorn: An Organic Radical Bulletin

By Staff, -

The welcome awaiting Macron, Trump and the other G7 world leaders in Biarritz later this month promises to be not so much warm as hot. The Basques already have a proud tradition of [...]

Ian Haney López: Dividing Races The Main Weapon Of The Rich

By Roger Bybee, -

Donald Trump’s attacks on black U.S. Representative Elijah Cummings, the Reverend Al Sharpton, and the four progressive Congresswomen of color known as “the Squad” signal how the President, [...]

Police Have Killed 5,000 Americans Since Ferguson Protests

By Niles Niemuth, -

Friday marked five years since 18-year-old Michael Brown was shot at least six times, including once through the top of the head, and left for four-and-a-half hours to die in the street by [...]

The USA Is Over-Due For A Do-Over

By Cindy Sheehan, -

Since its inception over 243 years ago in a hot meeting room, dripping with testosterone, in Philadelphia, the idea of any kind of democracy or equality in the USA  has steadily eroded  to where, [...]

The Fight For A Green New Deal Can Start With Your Union Contract

By Jared Odessky, -

News coverage of the Green New Deal portrays organized labor as a major obstacle to its enactment. But our new report for Data for Progress paints a different picture. In a poll conducted for the [...]

Walmart Retaliates Against Worker Who Urged Employee Walkout Over Gun Sales

By Bryan Menegus, -

Following a pair of deadly mass shootings over the weekend, including one at a Walmart in El Paso, Texas, a Walmart e-commerce category specialist, Thomas Marshall, posted two memos widely within [...]

People Of Color And White Rural Populations Are Going To Suffer The Most From The EPA’s War On Renewable Power

By Gloria Oladipo, -

New coal standards proposed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) are threatening to permanently undermine the federal government’s power to control power plant pollution. The new rule — [...]

Death Curse In Caloto – Colombian Unionist And Opposition Candidate Declared “Military Object”

By James Patrick Jordan, -

Under cover of night while those inside are sleeping, a manila envelope is slipped under the door. Rising in the morning to greet the day, Andy Murcia Parra picks it up and opens it. But even [...]