Tweets, Leaks, Classified Information, And The Right To Know

By William Boardman, -

By William Boardman for Reader Supported News - This bit of political circus hooha was briefly all over the news early in the week, with almost no news outlet getting it right: that the issue of [...]

Can The People Force The Release Of The JFK Files?

By Jefferson Morley, -

By Jefferson Morley for Amazon Publishing - The CIA’s last assassination-related files might help us answer that question. These files constitute a significant body of material—more than 1,100 [...]

US Seeks To Keep Gitmo Force Feeding Tapes Secret

By Cora Currier, -

By Cora Currier for The Intercept - The government has refused to meet the deadline for the release of videotapes that show a detainee at Guantánamo being force-fed while on hunger strike. A [...]