Has Dalit Uprising Given Birth To A Movement?

By Mari Marcel Thekaekara, www.newint.org -

By Mari Marcel Thekaekara for New Internationalist Blog. While most of India was busy celebrating its 70th Independence Day, many people were trying to comprehend and make sense of a sudden Dalit [...]

Flint Is About How We Treat The Poor

By Leonard Pitts, Jr., www.miamiherald.com -

By Leonard Pitts, Jr for the Miami Herald. To be white in America is to have been sold a bill of goods that there exists between you and people of color a gap of morality, behavior, intelligence [...]

Great Potential Of Poor Americans

By Paul Buchheit, www.nationofchange.org -

By Paul Buchheit for Nation of Change - The homeless are feared by the upper classes, and they’re often arrested for nonexistent or non-violent infractions, in good part because they are simply [...]

Where Are Pitchforks Billionaires Are So Scared Of?

By Fast Company, www.fastcoexist.com -

By Fast Company - In the wake of the crisis and recession, despite the fact that nearly all the gains of the recovery have gone straight into the bank accounts of the wealthy, America's [...]

Join The Fight To Save Dyett High School

By Staff, www.popularresistance.org -

By Staff of Popular Resistance. Chicago, IL - The attack on Dyett is representative of what is happening to public education and school across the country. These resisters are on the front line [...]

Why Are 1% Organizing Against Inequality

By Matthew Pulver, www.salon.com -

By Matthew Pulver in Salon - I’ve written previously about the growing fear among elites that they’ve pushed economic inequality too far. That fear is proliferating, according to a New York Times [...]

National Plutocrat Radio: Corporate 1%’s Dominate NPR’s Boards

By Aldo Guerrero, www.fair.org -

For a public radio service, NPR is notoriously known for its lack of diversity within its staff, audience and guests invited onto their shows—problems that NPR has itself acknowledged [...]