Energy Commons: From Energy Transition To Climate Justice

By Cécile Blanchet, -

Viewing energy as a common-held resource, rather than a privately-owned commodity, directly links production to consumption and re-engages our liability as energy users. In 2019, only oil [...]

Yes, We Can Resolve The Climate Crisis

By David Suzuki, -

Clean-energy technologies, including energy-storage methods, are improving as costs are dropping. Exciting new inventions like artificial photosynthesis, machines that remove atmospheric carbon [...]

New Study: We Have To Stop Building CO2-emitting Infrastructure Now

By Lloyd Alter, Treehugger. -

A new study was just released, titled Committed emissions from existing energy infrastructure jeopardize 1.5 °C climate target, that concludes: ...our emission estimates suggest that little or [...]

As Reactors Shut In Massachusetts And Pennsylvania, Nuke War Rages In Ohio And New York

By Harvey Wasserman, -

As the nuke power industry slumps toward oblivion, two huge reactors are shutting in Pennsylvania and Massachusetts. The shutdowns are a body blow to atomic energy. The soaring costs of the [...]

Washington Commits To 100% Clean Energy And Other States May Follow Suit

By Phil McKenna, -

In the absence of federal action on climate change, more states are setting ambitious targets to reduce U.S. greenhouse gas emissions. Washington became the latest on Tuesday when Gov. Jay Inslee [...]

Uncertain Futures Are A Warning For World To Act As One

By Tim Radford, Climate News Network. -

London − US scientists have peered ahead in more than five million ways, and they do not like the uncertain futures they see there. Unless the world collectively and in concert takes drastic [...]

The Financial Secret Behind Germany’s Green Energy Revolution

By Ellen Brown, -

The “Green New Deal” endorsed by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D.-N.Y., and more than 40 other House members has been criticized as imposing a too-heavy burden on the rich and upper-middle-class [...]

More Than 600 Groups Tell Congress To Build Green Economy

By Friends of the Earth. -

Washington, D.C. – More than 600 environmental groups today called on the U.S. House of Representatives to pursue ambitious climate legislation that matches the scale and urgency of the climate [...]

Portland Now Generates Electricity From Turbines Installed In City Water Pipes

By Rafi Schwartz, -

You’d be forgiven if the phrase “Portland goes green with innovative water pipes” doesn’t immediately call to mind thoughts of civil engineering and hydro-electric power. And yet, that’s exactly [...]

Fossil Fuel Money Crushed Clean Energy Ballot Initiatives Across The Country

By David Roberts, -

Most eyes Tuesday night were on the key House, Senate, and governor races — and Democrats had a mixed night, taking the House but watching as newfound heroes Beto O’Rourke and Andrew Gillum went [...]

That $3 Trillion-A-Year Clean Energy Transformation? It’s Already Underway.

By Phil McKenna, -

To keep global warming in check, the world will have to invest an average of around $3 trillion a year over the next three decades in transforming its energy supply systems, a new United Nations [...]

What Will it Take to Avert Collapse?

By Richard Heinberg and David Fridley, -

A lot of people are asking the question these days—including serious folks who work full-time on climate and energy policy. How can the world’s nations reduce greenhouse gas emissions fast enough [...]

Energy Efficiency Can Address Climate Change, Drive Prosperity, And Strengthen National Security

By Staff, -

Rocky Mountain Institute, Basalt, Colorado, 18 September 2018—Distinguished American energy expert Amory Lovins today published what may be the most important findings for climate change since [...]

The Global Fossil Fuel Divestment And Clean Energy Investment Movement

By Staff, -

Since its launch by students as a moral call to climate action in 2011, the fossil fuel divestment campaign has become a mainstream financial movement mobilizing trillions of dollars in support [...]

California Ups Its Clean Energy Game With 100% Zero-Carbon Electricity Vote

By Marianne Lavelle, -

In a move to solidify California's role as a world leader on climate action, state lawmakers voted this week to shift their state—the world's fifth-largest economy—to 100 percent carbon-free [...]