How The Oil & Gas Industry Sees Pipeline Protesters

By Heather Saucier, American Association of Petroleum Geologists -

It is  interesting to see how corporations view protesters. This article describes how pipeline protesters undermine the infrastructure of the oil and gas industry, giving us a glimpse into their [...]

Tax Bill To Preserve Critical Credits For Wind, Solar & Electric Vehicles

By Georgina Gustin -

The booming renewable energy industry is breathing a wary sigh of relief as Congress prepares to vote this week on a sweeping tax bill that preserves critical tax credits for wind energy, solar [...]

Atrocious Anti-Wind Article Published; Devoid Of Scientific Evidence

By Brendan DeMelle, -

Meanwhile, in the realm of scientific facts, the American Wind Energy Association, the main trade group representing the wind power industry, points to 25 scientific reviews that document the [...]

Declaration On Climate Finance

By Staff, -

We the undersigned, call for an immediate end to investments in new fossil fuel production and infrastructure, and encourage a dramatic increase in investments in renewable energy. We are issuing [...]

Environmentalists Gaining Enemy In Fight Against Natural Gas Pipelines

By Mark Hand, -

By Mark Hand for Think Progress - The electric utility sector’s top lobbying group is teaming up with fossil fuel trade associations as part of an effort to intensify the industry’s campaign [...]

Fossil Fuel Allies Are Tearing Apart Ohio’s Embrace Of Clean Energy

By Brad Wieners and David Hasemyer, -

By Brad Wieners and David Hasemyer for Inside Climate Change - COLUMBUS, Ohio—On March 30, Bill Seitz, a charismatic Republican, took to the floor of the Ohio House to make a case for gutting a [...]

These City Bus Routes Are Going All-Electric ― And Saving Money

By Lyndsey Gilpin, -

By Lyndsey Gilpin for Inside Climate News - Two years ago, the Transit Authority of River City (TARC) in Louisville, Kentucky, bought 10 electric buses to replace its aging diesel fleet. The [...]

Solar Power Is Fastest-Growing Source Of New Energy

By Adam Vaughan, -

By Adam Vaughan for The Guardian - Solar power was the fastest-growing source of new energy worldwide last year, outstripping the growth in all other forms of power generation for the first time [...]

General Motors Is Going All Electric

By Alex Davies, -

By Alex Davies for Wired - AFTER MORE THAN a century peddling vehicles that pollute the atmosphere, General Motors is ending its relationship with gasoline and diesel. This morning, the American [...]

California Considers Combustion-Engine Car Ban

By Ryan Beene and John Lippert, -

By Ryan Beene and John Lippert for Bloomberg - The internal combustion engine’s days may be numbered in California, where officials are mulling whether a ban on sales of polluting autos is needed [...]

China Has Already More Than Doubled Its 2020 Solar Power Target

By Jing Yan and Lauri Myllyvirta, -

By Jing Yan and Lauri Myllyvirta for Eco Watch - China has more than doubled its end-of-decade solar power target, with new installations dramatically outstripping expectation, according to the [...]

In Chicago And Iowa, Contrasting Tales Of Building A Clean Energy Economy

By Yana Kunichoff, -

By Yana Kunichoff for Midwest Energy News - As former industrial communities seek to rebuild their economies around clean energy, two cities in the Midwest provide examples with starkly different [...]

Ohio’s Anti-Wind Regulation Comes At A Serious Cost

By Harvey Wasserman, -

By Harvey Wasserman for The Progressive - In the corporate war against renewable energy, a single Ohio regulation stands out. It is a simple clause slipped into the state budget without open [...]

Cheap, Clean Energy Pushes Electricity Prices Below Zero

By Leslie Kaufman, -

By Leslie Kaufman for Inside Climate News - For a time this spring in California, as the snow melted above hydroelectric dams, the sun shone on solar arrays, and the wind whipped through [...]

Coal To Solar Switch Could Save 52,000 US Lives Per Year

By Brian Bienkowski, -

By Brian Bienkowski for The Daily Climate - Swapping out coal energy for solar would prevent 52,000 premature deaths in the United States every year, according to a new analysis from Michigan [...]

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