‘Haul No!’ Actions To Stop Canyon Mine

By Staff, www.haulno.org -

By Haul No! Grand Canyon, AZ — Energy Fuels Inc. is planning to poison the Grand Canyon including the precious Colorado River. Are we going to let our future be poisoned for thousands of [...]

Federal Judge OKs Uranium Mining Next To Grand Canyon National Park

By Indigenous Action, www.indigenousaction.org -

U.S. District Court Judge David Campbell denied a request to halt new uranium mining at the Canyon uranium mine, located only six miles from Grand Canyon National Park’s South Rim. The Havasupai [...]

Abandoned Uranium Mines Plague Navajo Nation

By Sonia Luokkala, www.earthisland.org -

In the 1940s, surveyors discovered significant uranium deposits throughout the once worthless desert landscape of the reservation. Between 1944 and 1986, as the US government aimed to cut off all [...]

Thousands Of Abandoned Uranium Mines Are Poisoning Us. Take Action.

By Helen Jaccard, Dr. Margaret Flowers and Klee Benally, www.wiseinternational.org -

The Environmental Protection Agency and US Geological Survey document over 10,000 abandoned uranium mines in the US, most in 15 western states on public, private, and tribal lands. Over 4,200 of [...]

Tribes Worried About Black Hills Uranium Mines

By Talli Nauman, www.indianz.com -

In the wake of federal hearings about reopening uranium mines and milling in Black Hills treaty territory, members of the Washington, D.C.-based Atomic Safety and Licensing Board (ASLB) must [...]

Group Pushes Congress On Abandoned Uranium Mine Cleanup

By Matthew Seeman, www.cronkitenewsonline.com -

The people behind Clean Up the Mines understand that others have been trying for years to clean up abandoned uranium mines and have mostly met with limited success. But they say that doesn’t [...]