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climate activism

Support Jailed Climate Activist Andy Hinz

On October 10th, 2022 Andy was arrested taking part in a Declare Emergency blockade of a highway outside of Washington D.C. They sought to pressure Biden to declare a climate emergency and make good on his promises to address climate change. Since then Andy has attempted to utilize the Necessity Defense - that his actions were legally justified because the crimes he had committed were less harmful than the imminent global harm posed by climate change. Despite lining up expert witnesses, extensive documented evidence, and footage of the action- the judge denied Andy’s usage of these in court. In defiance, Andy left the courtroom and refused the terms of the judge.

Fascistic Judges

Three climate activists in two separate trials have been sent to jail by Judge Silas Reid using the entirely arbitrary powers of Contempt of Court, because they insisted on telling the jury that their protests had been motivated by the climate crisis and “fuel poverty,” the inability of people to keep their homes adequately heated. Juries are an essential safeguard from injustice by the state. That ordinary, randomly selected people decide on guilt or innocence has been fundamental to the criminal law in the United Kingdom for many centuries. The simplistic maxim is that the judge determines the law while the jury determines the facts. However, it is often more complex than that.

Texas Environmental Workers Fight Fossil Fuels And Their Bosses

After five months of the Texas Campaign for the Environment (TCE) not recognizing their union, members of the Texas Environmental Workers Union unanimously agreed to a one-day strike, which took place on February 6, 2023. Working People producer Jules Taylor sat down with Brandon Marks and Chloe Torres for an in-person interview ahead of the strike to discuss the struggle Texas Environmental Workers Union members are facing in their workplace. Union members are requesting that listeners sign on their letter urging the TCE to recognize their union, and consider donating to their strike fund.

The Urgent Need For Climate Action

Although the worst effects of catastrophic climate change lie in the distant future, there are recent warnings that tell us that a climate disaster may be nearer than we thought. The Arctic and Antarctic regions are warming more than twice as fast as the remainder of the world. In the Antarctic region, the vast Thwaites glacier, sometimes called "the Doomsday Glacier", has recently exhibited so many cracks that scientists fear that it may shatter into small pieces like a windscreen. If this happens, the event may trigger the collapse of other nearby glaciers through a mechanism called "Marine Ice Cliff Instability". This could mean several meters of sea level rise, threatening all coastal cities throughout the world. Other warnings come from the Arctic.
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