Protesters Urge Boris Johnson To Take Climate Talks Seriously

By Fiona Harvey, The Guardian -

Protesters will fill London’s Parliament Square on Friday morning, calling on the prime minister, Boris Johnson, to make the climate crisis his top priority, as the UK prepares to host UN talks [...]

Global Alliance For A Green New Deal

By Pascale Hunt, -

As the impacts of climate change and Covid-19 compound, politicians from around the world on Monday July 19th launched the new Global Alliance for a Green New Deal (GGND). Founded by Rep. Ilhan [...]

Inside Exxon’s Playbook

By Lawrence Carter, Unearthed -

Keith McCoy, a senior director of federal relations at Exxon, told a reporter for Unearthed posing as a head-hunter that that the company had conducted a fingerprints-off lobbying push via [...]

Indigenous Organizers Defend Menominee River

By Carol Amour, In These Times. -

The Menominee River forms Wisconsin’s Northeastern border with Michigan, winding for about 120 miles and opening into Lake Michigan’s Green Bay. About thirty-five miles from the mouth of the [...]

Who’s Paying The Human Costs Of Plastic Pollution?

By Yvette Arellano and Mariana Del Valle Prieto Cervantes, Prism. -

All too often, the issue of plastic pollution is reduced to plastic straw bans led by clipboard-carrying college students, VSCO girls, and bracelets made with a promise of saving turtles. It [...]

Not Just Another Drought

By Kurt Cobb, Resource Insights. -

The American West is having a drought. So, what else is new? And, that's just the point. The American West has been in an extended drought since 2000, so far the second worst in the last 1200 [...]

We Hug The Trees Because The Trees Have No Voice

By Vijay Prashad, Tricontinental: Institute for Social Research. -

At the 1972 United Nations Conference on the Human Environment, the delegates decided to hold an annual World Environment Day. In 1974, the UN urged the world to celebrate that day on 5 June with [...]

We’re Going To Have Fairy Creeks Happen All The Time

As tensions escalate and arrest tallies grow at logging blockades on Vancouver Island, The Narwhal spoke with one of the foresters tapped to help the province navigate its old-growth woes

There can be no biodiversity without human diversity

By Fiore Longo, Equal Times -

The idea that humans are a danger to nature is deeply rooted in some minds. However, it is based on an ethnocentric vision of what the term ‘human’ encompasses. Not all human beings destroy the [...]

Activist Investors Score Surprise Win With ExxonMobil Board Seats

By Kenny Stancil, Commondreams. -

During Exxon's annual shareholder meeting, an activist hedge fund called Engine No. 1—which "owns only about 0.02%" of the oil company's stock, according to climate reporter Emily Atkin—ran four [...]

New Report: Climate Harms To Health Are Widespread And Costly

A new report NRDC published with partner groups today spotlights the enormous, often overlooked, and inequitable health and economic costs of climate change and air pollution from burning fossil [...]

Klamath Tribes Rally Amid Water Crisis

By Alex Schwartz, Indian Country Today. -

A group of protesters gathered at Sugarman’s Corner in downtown Klamath Falls last Saturday, preparing to welcome a 25-car caravan of mostly Klamath Tribal members calling for solutions to the [...]

Building On Victories For A Stronger Climate Justice Movement

By Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers, Popular Resistance. -

While the climate justice movement has been winning important victories, stopping and slowing pipelines and other fossil fuel infrastructure, and putting the future of fossil fuels in doubt, the [...]

Frightening Numbers: Biosphere Heating Accelerates

By Manuel Garcia Jr. from his blog. -

At this time, the Biosphere is warming at a rate of 3.03×1015 Watts, which is equivalent to a temperature rate-of-rise of 0.0167°C/year. The warming rate has been increasing steadily since the [...]