Climate Activists Stage Protest At Airport Against Private Jet Emissions

By The Canary. -

Extinction Rebellion activists claim to have blocked all major entrances to a private airport in protest against emissions from private jets. As part of the protest, a stretched limousine has [...]

Big Banks Are Funding Fossil Fuel Projects — Let’s Hold Them Accountable

By Katie Eder And Shannon Carlson, Teen Vogue. -

The biggest banks are using your money to fund the climate crisis. We have seen this story before. In 2008, the recklessness of megabanks sank the global economic system. Now, in 2021, the youth [...]

Corporations Tried To Blame You For The Plastic Crisis

By Kate Yoder, Grist. -

If you’ve ever tossed a plastic water bottle in a trash can and felt a wave of guilt wash over you, well, judging by its marketing campaigns, that’s exactly how the packaging industry planned [...]

Only Those Taking Action Against Climate Violence Are Labeled ‘Terrorist’

By Janine Jackson, Fairness and Accuracy In Reporting. -

Floods, fires, ice caps melting, hurricanes—all attest to the violence of human-caused climate disruption. It’s undeniable and undeniably fatal, and the only question for historians will be not [...]

How Central Banks Are Fueling The Climate Crisis

By Oil Change International. -

Central banks could play a critical role in catalyzing the rapid shift of financial flows away from oil, fossil gas, and coal. However, to date, central banks have instead tinkered at the edges. [...]

From Transforming Nature To Transforming Ourselves

By Nicaragua Solidarity Campaign. -

On 9 August the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) issued the starkest report ever warning of the ‘code red for humanity’ of the climate emergency. UN Secretary General António [...]

Too Hot To Work

By Kristina Dahl and Rachel Licker, UCSUSA. -

Yet the novel coronavirus is only the latest addition to a long list of on-the-job hazards confronting outdoor workers. Each summer, the roughly 32 million outdoor workers across the United [...]

Extinction Rebellion London Protests: Happening Now

By Chiara Giordano, The Independent. -

A giant pink table inviting Londoners to “come to the table” and discuss climate change has been erected by Extinction Rebellion protesters near Leicester Square.

2021 Is The Year Of Catastrophic Climate Change, But Capitalism Doesn’t Care

By Andy Worthington. -

"The notion of the supremacy of self-gratification has been so powerfully engrained in us, the economically fortunate ones — particularly over the last 40 years or so — that our fellow citizens, [...]

How A Swimming Pool Became Puerto Rico’s Symbol Of Climate Change And Corruption

By Ángel Carrión, Global Voices. -

A coastal town like Rincón, located on the westernmost tip of the main island of Puerto Rico, is undeniably vulnerable to climate change and biodiversity loss. That is why, over the course of [...]

Indigenous Rights Are A Counterforce To The Climate Crisis

By Eriel Deranger, The Breach. -

During its six years in office, the Trudeau government has made countless promises around climate change and Indigenous rights that create the optics of progress. However, a recent analysis by [...]

Nature’s Own Fuel Could Save Us From Greenhouse Effect

By Ellen Brown, Scheer Post. -

In an effort to fill that vacuum, a recent initiative in California is exploring different hemp varieties and growing techniques, in the first extensive growing trials for hemp fiber and grain in [...]

Memo To Biden Administration: Less Talk, More Action

By Kolby KickingWoman, Indian Country Today. -

The climate change crisis and missing and murdered Indigenous epidemic are inextricably linked, with added negative impact from extractive industries. On top of that, the federal government has [...]

Climate Campaigners Hold ‘Tug-Of-War’ In Front Of Leinster House

By Kayle Crosson and Sam Starkey, Green News. -

Protesters gathered before the Dail today and staged a “tug-of-war” to highlight fracked gas imports and the climate implications of data centres. Members of Extinction Rebellion Ireland dressed [...]

Racism Is Magnifying The Deadly Impact Of Rising City Heat

By Alexandra Witze, Nature. -

To help reduce the risk of heat stroke and other heat-related illnesses, urban planners, meteorologists, climate experts and other scientists are working to identify the most vulnerable [...]