Young Climate Activists Vow To #FightEveryCrisis In Global Online Strike

By Megan Rowling, -

Barcelona - Instead of taking to the world's streets to demand climate action on Friday as planned before the coronavirus pandemic, young activists from about 20 countries took to Youtube in a [...]

Climate Strikers Walked Out of School. Next, Let’s Walk Off the Job.

By Sydney Ghazarian, In These Times -

Climate Strikes are happening for the same reason labor strikes often happen: Negotiations have broken down. CEOs profiting from the exploitation of workers and the Earth are unwilling to cede to [...]

With Over 6 Million People Worldwide, Climate Strikes Largest Coordinated Global Uprising Since Iraq War Protests

By Eoin Higgins, -

Climate strikes over the last seven days drew over 6.6 million people into the streets around the world, putting the week-long action on par with the 2003 global protest against the U.S.-lead [...]

DC Climate Strike Plans To Return To The Streets On Friday

By DC Climate Strike -

Since we Shut Down DC on Monday, the US Government has shown no indication that it will act on climate breakdown. As a result, the Coalition to Shut Down DC will disrupt business-as-usual in the [...]

The Global Climate Strike Is Just The Beginning

By Brent Patterson, -

The global climate strike wasn't intended to "amaze" so-called leaders about "the kids" and allow them to make generic statements about climate change to conceal their pro-fossil fuel industry [...]

Climate Activists Blockade Key Intersections In Downtown DC

By Shut Down DC -

On September 23, as many as 2,000 people seized key intersections across Washington D.C. on Monday morning, significantly disrupting business-as-usual in the U.S. capital to demand an immediate [...]

Saving The Planet Means Overthrowing The Ruling Elites

By Chris Hedges, -

Friday’s climate strike by students across the globe will have no more impact than the mass mobilizations by women following the election of Donald Trump or the hundreds of thousands of [...]

DC Climate Strike Shuts Down Washington, DC

By Kevin Zeese, Popular Resistance -

The Shut Down DC protest that is part of the global Climate Strike did an excellent job stopping business-as-usual in Washington, DC. They did so with a wide variety of affinity groups stopping [...]

Thousands Of Amazon Employees Walk Out For Climate Strike

By Zoya Teirstein, Grist. -

“Were gonna strike cause the waters are rising, we’re gonna strike cause people are dying,” an Amazon organizer sang into a bullhorn in front of a crowd of around 3,000 at Amazon’s headquarters [...]

Reflections On The Future – Post Climate Strike Musings

By Eleanor Goldfield, Art Killing Apathy. -

Millions of people came together yesterday for the Global Climate Strike. I was in New York City with some 250,000 other people and the energy, along with other people’s sweaty bodies, was [...]

The People’s Mobilization To Stop The US War Machine, Save The Planet Begins

By Popular Resistance. -

New York City - The People's Mobilization to Stop the US War Machine and Save the Planet begins today. The People’s Mobe connects the issues of militarism, climate crisis, racism, and [...]

Stand With Student Climate Strikers

By Shut Down DC -

In the coming days, thousands of young people across our region are going to be taking the streets to demand bold action to confront the climate crisis. On Friday, September 20, young people are [...]

Nearly 1,000 Amazon Workers Will Walk Out And Join Global Climate Strike

By Alexandra Jacobo, -

"As a leader, we need to reach zero first and not be a company who slides in at the last possible deadline,” Nearly 1,000 Amazon employees have pledged to join the massive upcoming Global Climate [...]

Climate Groups Will Shut Down D.C. With Mass Nonviolent Civil Disobedience

By Kaela Bamberger, DC Climate Strike -

Youth leaders from around the world have called for a Global Climate Strike and week of action from September 20-27. Youth have led the way so far, but now they are calling on everyone to take [...]

Climate Activists Are The ‘Greatest Threat’ To Oil Industry

By Miyo McGinn, Grist. -

What’s one of the world’s most powerful cartels afraid of? A bunch of meddling kids. Climate activists and their “unscientific” claims are “perhaps the greatest threat to our industry going [...]

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