Capitalism, Exterminism And Long Ecological Revolution

By Elliott Gabriel, -

Even the most stubborn climate skeptics found the events of 2017 difficult to cope with. It wasn't just a matter of turning up the air conditioner and switching the channel to Fox News: this [...]

Exxon To Disclose Climate Risks Under Pressure From Investors

By John H. Cushman Jr., -

Under pressure from investors, prosecutors and global regulators, ExxonMobil Corp. agreed on Monday to strengthen its analysis and disclosure of the risks its core oil business faces from climate [...]

Climate Activists Delay U.S. Gas Pipeline Approvals: Regulator

By Timothy Gardner, -

By Timothy Gardner for Reuters - WASHINGTON (Reuters) - National environmental groups waging legal battles against energy projects are delaying approval of U.S. natural gas pipelines, a top [...]

Climate Activists Arrested Deploying 3-Story Banner At JPMorgan HQ

By Staff, -

By Staff of RAN - NEW YORK – This morning, activists from Rainforest Action Network (RAN) dropped a 35 ft. banner from the headquarters of JPMorgan Chase to protest the bank’s investments in [...]

Open Letter To Union Leaders: Act On Climate

By Staff, www.popularresistance.corg -

By Staff of Labor Network for Sustainability - Working people, poor people, and frontline communities are most heavily impacted by the effects of climate change. We feel the force of this [...]

I Was An Exxon-Funded Climate Scientist

By Katharine Hayhoe, -

By Katharine Hayhoe for Counter Punch - ExxonMobil’s deliberate attempts to sow doubt on the reality and urgency of climate change and their donations to front groups to disseminate false [...]

Hot, Dry And Worrisome: 2016 Was A Record-Breaking Year For Climate

By Georgina Gustin, -

By Georgina Gustin for Inside Climate News - Global scientists relied on the typical superlatives to describe the state of the climate in 2016, but they might have come up with a few neologisms [...]

350+ Groups Oppose Dirty Senate Energy Bill That Will Hasten Climate Chaos

By Staff, -

By Staff of Food & Water Watch - As the Senate considers a broad energy policy package that would encourage increased fossil fuel extraction and consumption, more than 350 national, statewide [...]

Climate Activists Crashed Global Insurance Meeting To Demand Exit From Coal Companies

By Peter Bosshard, -

By Peter Bosshard for Alternet - By divesting from coal companies, insurers can fulfill their basic mission: to protect us from catastrophic risk. Climate activists brought their message that [...]

Utility CEOs Try To Rob Shareholders Of Rights To Express Climate Concerns

By David Pomerantz, -

By David Pomerantz for Energy and Policy Institute - The Business Roundtable, a group of CEOs that lobbies for policies that support the fossil fuel industry, is attempting to restrict [...]

Dissidents Ramp Up Direct Action Against Climate Destroyers.

By Ted Hamilton, -

By Ted Hamilton for Truthout - This month a group of climate activists were convicted in district courts in Mount Vernon, Washington, and Wawayanda, New York, for committing acts of civil [...]

States And Industries Face More Climate Court Action

By Paul Brown, -

By Paul Brown for Climate News Network - LONDON, 15 June, 2017 – Governments that make promises they do not keep to cut greenhouse gases or to protect their citizens against climate change are [...]

Kids Climate Lawsuit Heads To Trial, Judge Denies Administration’s Appeal

By Staff, -

By Staff of Eco Watch - U.S. District Court Judge Ann Aiken issued an order Thursday denying motions filed by the Trump administration and the fossil fuel industry that sought to appeal her Nov. [...]

EPA Spreads Misinformation About Coal, Climate & Paris Agreement

BY]y Marianne Lavelle, -

By Marianne Lavelle for Inside Climate News - EPA administrator Scott Pruitt has spread a lot of misinformation in defending President Trump's plan to exit the Paris climate agreement. Here's a [...]

Trump Names Climate Foe As Top DOJ Environment Attorney

By Marianne Lavelle and John H. Cushman Jr., -

By Marianne Lavelle and John H. Cushman Jr. for Inside Climate News - Jeffrey Bossert Clark, a lawyer who has repeatedly challenged the scientific foundations of U.S. climate policy and was part [...]