Hope Of A Sustainable Future In West Virginia’s Coal Country

By Eleanor Goldfield, Roarmag.org -

An intimate portrait of West Virginia’s “coal country,” where locals plan for a sustainable future amid the devastation wreaked by the fossil fuel industry. On the national stage, there is not a [...]

The Refugee Industry & Australia’s Still Burning – Coal

By Eleanor Goldfield, Occupy.com -

Caged for seeking freedom – migrants and refugees in the land of the free. Next, zooming out on the global refugee industry – because yes, that too – is a booming business. Finally, global [...]

Coal Train Protesters Target One Of New England’s Last Big Coal Power Plants

By Phil McKenna, Insideclimatenews.org -

Climate activists halted a coal train bound for one of New England's last large coal-fired power plants by building a barricade on the tracks and sitting on it for about eight hours this week. [...]

FERC Props Up Coal And Gas In Clime Crime Decision Subsidizing Them Against Clean Energy

By Dan Gearino, Insideclimatenews.com -

Federal energy regulators issued an order Thursday that likely will tilt the market to favor coal and natural gas power plants in the nation's largest power grid region, stretching from New [...]

Coal Resupply Train Blockaded In Two States

By Jay O'Hara, Climatedisobedience.org -

This weekend across two states, a community of climate activists stopped 10,000 tons of coal in its tracks in three successive train blockades. This is the next step in a campaign that started in [...]

How Britain Ended Its Coal Addiction

By Nathalie Thomas, Leslie Hook and Chris Tighe, Insideclimatenews.org -

At Aberthaw Power Station on the coast of South Wales, Tom Glover examines a dwindling pile of coal for what may be the last time. At its peak in 2013, the coal-fired power plant generated enough [...]

Tired of Inaction Climate Activists Descend on Coal Plant in Bow, NH

By Jay O'Hara, Climate Disobedience Center -

Over 60 individuals participating in nonviolent direct action walked into the plant through the train tracks. There was a large police presence at the plant and on the surrounding roads. As soon [...]

Largest Green Action Since 1970s In New Hampshire Targets Coal Power Plant

By Shawne K. Wickham, Union Leader. -

Bow. NH — Sixty-seven activists were arrested Saturday for trespassing at the Merrimack Station coal-burning power plant, in what organizers said was the largest environmental civil disobedience [...]

Exposing Wage Theft Without Fear Is Possible And Necessary

By Noreen Ahmed, NELP. -

For more than five weeks now, coal miners in Harlan County, Kentucky have been camped out on railroad tracks, blocking a train loaded with coal, to demand that their bankrupt employer pay them [...]

And Now The Really Big Coal Plants Begin To Close

By Benjamin Storrow, Eenews.net -

Old, small plants were the early retirees, but several of the biggest U.S. coal burners—and CO2emitters—will be shuttered by year’s end. When the Navajo Generating Station in Arizona shuts down [...]

Western Coal Takes Another Hit as Appeals Court Rules Against Export Terminal

By Phil McKenna, Insideclimatenews.org -

A Washington state appeals court has ruled against a company that wants to build the largest coal export terminal in the country on the Columbia River. The decision could be a fatal blow for a [...]

A Kentucky Power Plant’s Demise Signals A Reckoning For Coal

By James Bruggers, Inside Climate News. -

Louisville, KY—When the six smokestacks of the Cane Run Generating Station came tumbling down in a cloud of dust last weekend as part of a controlled implosion by its utility owner, nearby [...]

TVA Votes To Close 2 Coal Plants, Despite Political Pressure From Trump And Kentucky GOP

By James Bruggers, Insideclimatenews.org -

Brushing aside pleas from coal-friendly politicians, Tennessee Valley Authority's board voted Thursday to retire a 49-year-old coal-fired power plant in Kentucky. President Donald Trump and the [...]

Germany: Fridays For Future

By Conny Dahmen, Socialistworld.net -

“There’s no point in learning for a future that doesn’t exist.” With this motto, more and more young people this year have taken to the streets every week to fight climate change. On January 18, [...]

Coal Saints & A Climate Cop(24)-Out + A Walk To Palestine

By Eleanor Goldfield, Occupy.com -

The climate summit COP24 has just recently ended. Here's a recap of the stranger than fiction realities that framed and dictated this supposed meeting for humanity's future. Next, a look at what [...]