Farmworkers Protest By Home Of Wendy’s Billionaire Chairman

By Staff of CBS and AP - PALM BEACH, Fla. - Hundreds of protesters, many farmworkers, led by Ethel Kennedy, demonstrated near the home of Wendy's fast food chain's chairman in hopes of convincing [...]

Activists Protest Wendy’s For Food Justice For Farmworkers

By Meagan Dellavilla, -

By Meagan Dellavilla for Food Tank - On Thursday, March 3, hundreds are set to march to the office of Wendy’s Board Chairman, Nelson Peltz. Farmers, religious leaders, students, and consumers are [...]

Lessons From Coalition Of Immokalee Workers For Workers

By Geoff Gilbert, -

Having received a Presidential Medal in January for its efforts to combat modern-day slavery, the Coalition of Immokalee Workers, or CIW, and its Campaign For Fair Food hit the road this month as [...]

New Documentary ‘Food Chains’ Sparks Protests

By Coalition of Immokalee Workers, -

Media coverage and word-of-mouth buzz around the new documentary “Food Chains” remained strong as the story of farmworker exploitation — and of the unprecedented partnership for social [...]

Fear And Fair Cannot Coexist…

By Coalition of Immokalee Workers, -

For the sake of Mexico’s workers, one can only hope that last month’s massacre sparks a social movement equal to that of the Civil Rights movement in this country that can challenge the rule of [...]