Protests Against Saudi Prince’s Visit To DC, NY and Boston

By Ariel, Brieanne, Medea, Paki, Sophie and Tighe, CODE PINK -

Join protests this week at various venues associated with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s visit to Washington DC. We will focus on bin Salman’s key role in the bombing of Yemen, which [...]

Protests Outside RNC Mock Trump, Cover Range Of Issues

By Kevin Zeese, -

By Kevin Zeese for Popular Resistance. There were protests inside and outside of the Republican National Convention where Donald Trump is becoming the nominee of the party. Protesters from the [...]

Peace Activists Protest AIPAC’s Summit & Netanyahu

By Staff, -

A coalition of human rights organizations, led by CODE PINK, have organized four days of political action in Washington DC to oppose the policies of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee [...]

Newsletter: What Would Zinn Do?

This week marks the fifth anniversary of the death of Howard Zinn who is best known for his “People’s History of the United States” which looks at history from the bottom up, through the lenses [...]

Who’s The ‘Low Life Scum:’ Kissinger or CODEPINK?

By Medea Benjamin, -

Sen. McCain denounced CODEPINK activists as “low-life scum” for holding up signs reading “Arrest Kissinger for War Crimes” and dangling handcuffs next to Henry Kissinger’s head during a Senate [...]

I Am A Patriot

By Tighe Barry, -

On Thursday, November 13, I dropped down in my seat at the hearing room of the House Armed Services Committee on the Administration’s Strategy and Military Campaign against ISIL, a little [...]

Police Eject Peace Activists From National Mall

By John Zangas, -

Medea Benjamin is internationally renown for standing up for the oppressed and against violence and war. The co-founder of Code Pink, Women for Peace, is also no stranger to hostile situations [...]

Protestor Arrested During ISIL Hearing In Congress

By Patreon, -

Code Pink activist Tighe Barry was arrested and charged with disruption of Congress today during an Armed Service Committee hearing on the subject of The Administration’s Strategy and Military [...]

Acting Against Drones: A Global Movement For All

By Anastasia Taylor, -

As a young American student I am appalled by the war-mongers who continue to drop bombs, and use killer drones in over seven countries over a six year period. I will not stand by as my government [...]

Tell Congress “No” To More War

By Staff, -

US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel and chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Army General Martin Dempsey testified before the war-friendly Senate Armed Services Committee on September 16, 2014 [...]

CODEPINK Awarded 2014 Peace Prize

By Staff, -

“CODEPINK is the most innovative, effective, and visible antiwar presence in the United States. Its approaches to peace and opposition to war are contemporary and receive more media and [...]

Medea Benjamin Arrested With Shut It Downers

By Marcia Gagliardi, -

In pouring rain, Code Pink’s Medea Benjamin joined the Shut It Down Affinity Group Friday to block the gate at Entergy Corporation’s Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant here before police arrested [...]

CODE PINK Mocks Egyptian Dictator Sisi Outside Of US Chamber Of Commerce

By Kevin Zeese, www.PopularResistance -

The Egyptian military government is one that US corporations should not do business with: “No more business as usual.” That was the message of a CODE PINK protest inside and outside of the US [...]

CODEP PINK VT Protests Ben & Jerry’s Sales In Illegal Settlement In Palestine

By Staff, -

The first action of Code Pink's new chapter in Vermont was to sing to the throngs lining up for Ben & Jerry's Free Cone Day in Burlington, Vermont. In conjunction with Vermonters for a Just Peace [...]

Egypt Kangaroo Court Sentences 529 Morsi Supporters To Death

By Medea Benjamin, -

The Egyptian court has just handed down one of the most grotesque sentences in Egyptian history, condemning 529 people to death in one fell swoop. The US State Department said it was “shocked” [...]

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