NATO’s Largesse: ‘Nuclear Sharing’

By Ann Garrison, Black Agenda Report. -

In 1949, Norway joined NATO, and NATO nations have since enjoyed its “nuclear sharing ” largesse, by which member nations without nuclear weapons of their own participate in nuclear force [...]

NATO’s Biggest Exercise Since Cold War Is Designed To Threaten Russia

By Staff, -

The world’s preeminent defensive alliance is readying to demonstrate its capabilities in its largest exercise since 2002, said Navy Adm. James Foggo, the commander of NATO’s Allied Joint Force [...]

William Blum takes on the Washington Post’s Neocon, Max Boot

By William Blum, The Anti-Empire Report -

Dear Mr. Boot, You write: “Every administration since Franklin D. Roosevelt’s has tried to improve relations with Moscow.” I stopped. Frozen. Can the man be serious? Yes, he is. God help [...]

Could The Cold War Return With A Vengeance?

By Michael T. Klare, -

Think of it as the most momentous military planning on Earth right now. Who’s even paying attention, given the eternal changing of the guard at the White House, as well as the latest in [...]

US ‘Stumbled Into Torture,’ Says NYT Reporter

By Adam Johnson, -

Two clauses stand out for their confident attribution of benevolent motives to US foreign policy. First, there’s the idea that “America stumbled into torture,” rather than planned, plotted and [...]

The Two Part History: Cold War I and Cold War II

By Staff, -

By Staff of William Blum - “He said he absolutely did not meddle in our election. He did not do what they are saying he did.” – President Trump re Vladimir Putin after their meeting in Vietnam. [...]

Declassified: US Cold War Plan To Nuke USSR And Its Allies

By Yuriy Rubtsov, -

By Yuriy Rubtsov for Strategic Culture Foundation - At the end of 2015 the US National Security Archive published a declassified document from 1950s listing nuclear strike targets on the [...]

First Permanent Deployment Of US Troops On Russian Border Since Cold War

By Andre Damon, -

By Andre Damon for WSWS - Some 4,000 US troops, together with tanks, artillery and armored vehicles, arrived in Poland over the weekend, further escalating tensions with Russia ahead of the [...]

Lessons From The Fall Of The Berlin Wall

By Mark Engler and Paul Engler, -

Remarkably, although the fall of the Berlin Wall was an iconic moment, it was just one of the highlights in a flurry of activity that was sweeping through the Soviet Bloc — a series of uprisings [...]

Humpty-Dumpty And The Fall Of Berlin’s Wall

By Victor Grossman, -

After the Wall lost its barrier status on November 9th 1989, what quickly fell in the months that followed hardly conjured up the funny-looking egg some recall from Alice’s looking-glass [...]

Anti-Empire Report: Ukraine, Torture, Cuba & Human Rights

By William Blum, -

During Cold War One those of us in the American radical left were often placed in the position where we had to defend the Soviet Union because the US government was using that country as a [...]