The Thanksgiving Myth Hides The Original Sin

By Cliff DuRand, -

By Cliff DuRand for the Center for Global Justice. As the founding myth of our nation, Thanksgiving conceals from view the ambiguous legacy of the country. Barack Obama has called slavery our [...]

Free West Papua Political Prisoners Campaign Team

By Amy Frazier, -

By Amy Frazier. Arlington, VA - The Free West Papua Political Prisoners Campaign Team is a team of nonviolent activists at George Mason University and the surrounding areas led by Herman [...]

West Papua’s Fight For Self Determination

By Staff, -

By West Papua Action Network. Indonesia came to absorb the region known as West Papua in 1969 following the withdrawal of the Dutch colonial administration. This occupation resulted in a [...]

A Colonized Ally Meets A Decolonized Ally

By Lynn Gehl, -

1. A colonized ally stands in the front. A decolonized ally stands behind. 2. A colonized ally stands behind an oppressive patriarchy. A decolonized ally stands behind women and [...]

NEW VIDEO: Justice For Aboriginals – It’s Time

By Staff, -

Why don’t you people just get over it? Well, umm…. Hello? That’s the gist of this video put together by Canada’s largest labor union, the Public Service Alliance of Canada, which celebrated [...]