Celebrate Indigenous People’s Day By Supporting Indigenous Resistance

By Margaret Flowers, Popular Resistance. -

This weekend, celebration of Indigenous People's Day will replace the federal holiday, Columbus Day, in at least eight states and over 130 cities in 34 states. Along with the toppling of Columbus [...]

A Guide To Celebrating Indigenous People’s Day

By Taylor Payer, BGD Blog. -

Has your city recently abolished Columbus Day and adopted Indigenous Peoples Day? Are you looking for some ways to celebrate the holiday? While I am not usually in the business of educating folks [...]

Goodbye Columbus – Hello Indigenous Peoples Day

By Amy Goodman and Dennis Moynihan, Democracy Now. -

Indigenous Peoples Day is increasingly being celebrated across the U.S. in place of Christopher Columbus Day, as the myth of Columbus as beneficent discoverer is debunked and as the critical role [...]

Columbus And The Legacy Of Genocide

By Nican Tlaca, www.dailykos.com -

By Nican Tlaca for Daily Kos, October 12th is Columbus Day, a day which is increasingly coming under criticism for celebrating a genocidal pirate, murderer, rapist, and enslaver who is credited [...]

Act Out! Hitler Day, Columbus Day And More

By Eleanor Goldfield, www.occupy.com -

By Eleanor Goldfield for Occupy.com. This week on Act Out!, why Indigenous People's Day matters: Decolonizing the mind, the power of language, ideas and shifting paradigms. Next up, there's an [...]

Columbus Day Was A Gift From Sleepy Hollow Author Washington Irving

By William Francis Keegan, www.theconversation.com -

By William Francis Keegan for Red Green and Blue - In 1496, Columbus was the governor of a colony based at Santo Domingo, in what is now the modern Dominican Republic – a job he hated. He could [...]

Christopher Columbus: No Monuments For Murderers

By Bill Bigelow, zinnedproject.org -

By Bill Bigelow for Zinn Educate Project. There is nothing murky about Columbus’ legacy of slavery and terrorism in the Americas. The record is clear and overwhelming. The fact that The New York [...]

Video Shows Pickup Truck Plowing Into Native American Rights Protesters

By Sam Levin, www.theguardian.com -

By Sam Levin for The Guardian - Reno police are investigating reports of a pickup truck plowing into a group of Native American rights demonstrators after dramatic video emerged showing the [...]

Native American Activists Ramp Up Push To Rebrand Columbus Day

Laila Kearney, www.reuters.com -

By Laila Kearney for Reuters, NEW YORK, Oct 9 (Reuters) - About four miles from the world's largest Christopher Columbus parade in midtown Manhattan on Monday, hundreds of Native Americans and [...]