This Is Why We Need Real Net Neutrality Rules

By Chris Mills, -

By Chris Mills for BGR - At the heart of the matter are new fees that Comcast recently introduced, described as a “broadcast TV fee.” It’s a fee that even Comcast admits goes to paying content [...]

Washington State Sues Comcast For $100M

By Staff of Komo News, -

By Staff of Komo News - SEATTLE -- Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson has filed a $100 million consumer lawsuit against Comcast. The lawsuit accuses Comcast of "engaging in a pattern of [...]

Check This Before You Overpay Comcast

By Jon Brodkin, -

By Jon Brodkin for ARS Technica - You probably know that Comcast is hitting subscribers with overage charges of $10 when they exceed their 300GB monthly data caps. But can customers trust Comcast [...]

Comcast Got What It Deserved

By Mark Plotkin, -

Comcast, the giant cable company, is one of the most reviled companies in America. It is notorious for its terrible and odious customer service. In addition to this infamous reputation, it sought [...]

Grumpy Cat Claws Comcast

By Christopher Zara, -

Grumpy Cat is giving a big middle claw to Comcast. In celebration of the Federal Communications Commission’s newly approved open-Internet rules, net neutrality supporters on Friday flew a [...]

Rallies Against Comcast Merger & For Net Neutrality Today

By Julia Graber, -

Today’s the final day to comment on FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler’s plan to create a two-tiered Internet — and at lunchtime I gathered with a crowd of 100 activists outside Comcast’s headquarters in [...]

65 Groups Urge FCC To Reject Comcast-Time Warner Merger

By Timothy Karr, -

Sixty-five organizations representing consumers, content producers, and social justice and democracy-reform advocates called on the Federal Communications Commission today to reject the proposed [...]

Comcast Affiliated News Outlet Censored Article

By Lee Fang, -

In a move that smacks of censorship, Republic Report has discovered that a telecom industry-affiliated lobbying group successfully persuaded an African American news website to remove an article [...]

Why I’m Speaking Out Against Comcast Merger

By Mary Alice Crim, -

Free Press has more than 750,000 members — more than 50,000 of whom live in New York State — which is why I’m traveling to Albany this Wednesday to offer public comments at a hearing on the [...]