Wall Street Vultures Are Ready To Get Rich From Water Scarcity

By Nick Martin, The New Republic. -

Bloomberg reported on Sunday that California water futures are now officially on the Wall Street markets, with the United States–based CME Group heading up the 2021 contracts connected to the [...]

Iowa Crops Look Like Food — But No One’s Eating

By Mark Bittman, Portside.org -

Iowa is unrecognizable from centuries ago, when Europeans took the land for themselves. What were prairie and wetlands are now neatly partitioned grids of intensely cultivated land: the model for [...]

Amazon Is Hurting Independent Retailers And Chains

By Olivia LaVecchia, Ilsr.org -

The retail industry is experiencing significant upheaval. Online shopping is expanding rapidly, many national chains have closed locations and even declared bankruptcy, and malls are going dark [...]

Tell Baltimore To Stop The Water Shut Offs!

By Staff, www.popularresistance.org -

On April 1, Baltimore started turning off water to 150 households a day. The city plans to turn off 25,000 residences in total. There are commercial and public entities in Baltimore that owe $15 [...]

Sao Paulo: A Sea Of People Fighting For Water

By Midia Ninja and Marianna Olinger, www.ninja.oximity.com -

These sacred luxury consumer temples (where the water tanks are always full), lowered their doors before the the march that brought together 15 thousand men, women and children - a significant [...]

Sour Grapes In ‘Wine Country’: Challenges To Wineries Erupt

By Shepherd Bliss, www.popularresistance.org -

Fortunately, many grape-growers and smaller wineries continue to follow regulations and not over-build. They are a credit to agricultural and rural communities. On the other hand, a prominent [...]

Commodification Of Nature

By Alyssa Rohricht, www.counterpunch.org -

Taken for granted in the climate change discussion is the assumption that nature or the environment is something that can or should be commodified, yet the structure of capitalism is such that it [...]